DIY a Heart pop-up card activity for kids.

Are your kids shining and the sun smiling today? We hope that our fun DIY activities are keeping them engaged and excited. So after the Play-Doh Train Craft are you ready to create a simple heart-shaped pop-up card today?

I was always in awe of Pop-up art. The pop-up cards, the pop-up books. They always seemed to enhance my visual sense with the 3-D drama. So I decided to go- ahead, learn and simplify it so kids can follow. And that’s why it makes for a great indoor activity when its too warm for the kids to be outside. So come on let’s get creative, one step at a time.

You can also check out our step-by-step Youtube video on KetchupMoms Youtube Channel

Age Group: 8+

Chart Paper, Glue, scissors, pencil,
1. Cut the chart paper into two cards. Keep one card bigger than the other.

2. On the first card, draw a heart on the folded part.

3. Cut the top part of the heart. Fold it.


4. Open the card and reverse fold it. Draw a smaller heart on the bigger cut-out heart. Cut the top part of the smaller heart.


5. Open the card and pull the three hearts apart.

6. Brilliant. Now just apply the glue on the bigger card and paste the heart card on it.


7. Bingo! Your pop-up card it is ready. Go ahead and colour.

Benefits of this activity: Helps in developing stronger hand muscles along with boosting creativity and imagination.
Next step challenge: Colour recognition. Colour the three hearts in different colours. Add stickers or glitter to decorate the card.
Just make sure the first card goes to your parents. Just saying! Check back with KetchupMoms for lots of interesting ideas for you.

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Namari Posted on Jul 21, 2018

HHIS I should have thgohut of that!


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