Shapes and Alphabets hunt for fun outdoor activity

It’s funny that even though I have spent my entire life in the beautiful hills, it’s only now that I am discovering how much more it has to offer. In case you missed it, I had a ball with my twins, discovering colours in the wild and learning to see with my ears in the forest. And now allow me to take you shape-hunting outdoors for fun kid’s activity.

Honestly, we set out to look for the most basic shapes. But as we explored and hunted, my enthusiastic child squad started unearthing alphabets. Some they made up and others were written naturally on the blackboard called nature. Of course looking for their own initials A & I was the most thrilling part for them.

Age: 3+

You will need:
A forest/backyard/garden or a playground
Hunting personnel or squad
Keen eyes and a creative mind

Step 1: Start with basic shapes like circles, half a circle, squares, cubes, stars or hearts. Don’t look for perfectly drawn, geometric shapes. Allow for some minor defects.

Step 2: Once the kids start spotting the shapes in leaves, twigs, stones and barks, raise the bar.


Step 3: Now go for alphabets or numbers.

Step 4: You can start by getting twigs together to make-up shapes like A or H.

Step 5: Use your imagination and look for natural shapes like Y, K, D, O etc.


Step 6: Put together your finds and click a proud snap with it.


Benefits: Shapes, like colours, are the basic tools that kids need when they start to decipher the world around them. Alphabets and their recognition is where your love for reading comes from and opens the door to knowledge. And if your kids make their discovery through such creative ways, they are bound to retain this information forever. Also this is a good example of educating kids without making it laborious for them. Getting the kids active and outdoors is another great side-effect.

My kids loved this exercise. But through all of this I think I had a wee bit more fun discovering the child inside me.

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Ellie Posted on Jul 22, 2018

Finding this post has aneerwsd my prayers


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