Nature Colour Hunt

Play-doh and Lego are by far my twins’ favourite toys. Every time they say “pass that blue one” or “I want to make a yellow cycle” I know colour has played a big factor here. Why else do you think babies love balls, balloons, lollipops and ice-creams? It’s colour! In fact for all of us, colour or the lack of it, is the first thing we register when we see anything. According to “Colour and shape are ways children observe and categorize what they see. These very recognizable characteristics encourage children to define and organize the diverse world around them”.

There are diverse and interesting ways of teaching colours to kids today, but recently I discovered the beauty of teaching them colours in nature. Let me add here that my munchkins are city kids. But during the summer holidays we travel to the hills. There I ensure they live a life close to nature. Walks, picnics, field trips, orchard tours, fishing expeditions – basically a lot of outdoor activities. And as they get more aware and receptive, adding an exercise as simple as ‘find the colour’ makes it super rewarding for them.

As part of our kid activities let me take you for a walk in the woods and play “find the colour” with your kids. Watch them giggle when they discover the orange berries. See them sprint to find the purple and brighten up when they smell the yellow flowers. Oh and watch the redness on their cheeks when they climb the trees under the blue-blue sky.

Age : 3+

You will need:

Comfortable shoes 

Woods, orchard, a green backyard or a friendly neighbourhood park
Pack in some sandwiches and juice and it’s a picnic too

Step 1:
Head to the chosen destination. In my case I walked through a pine tree forest to an apple orchard. That we had the twins’ grandparents accompany us made it doubly fun.

Step 2:
Ask them to find colour ‘X’, then “Y” and so on. Pitch your kid against another person if you can, in my case I have twins remember.
If it is just the two of you, play against each other. Take turns to be the player and the challenger.

Look for different coloured objects or things.
Then look for different shades of the same colour.
Make it more fun by looking for unique things. For e.g. look for a white tree or tree trunk rather than a white flower.

Step 3:
Collect the treasure of colours in one place and remember to celebrate the activity with your little picnic treat.
“Raise the bar” challenge:
For the older kids you can carry paint shade cards with you. Ask them to match the colours and collect as many leaves, twigs, flowers or whatever they can find in the greens. The more they collect in shorter the time, the easier to spot the winner.

Benefits: This exercise makes children observant and heightens their awareness for their surroundings. It makes them discover and remember various colours and their shades. Above all, encourages them to get out and breathe fresh air.

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5 family-friendly fall activities - KetchupMoms Posted on Oct 28, 2015

[…] Embark on a hunt to find your favourite colour in nature. The yellow of a sunflower, red in a leaf and yes, purple of a flower. There are still some of those out there. For older and more curious kids talk abut the science behind it. […]


Sumeet Posted on Jun 09, 2015

Good idea

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hivebee2015 Posted on Jun 09, 2015

Interesting ways for kids to learn and grow in nature. Good Read!

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