DIY Kids Craft- A castle made of eco-friendly materials

My twins and I were in no mood to go out. We had already made Lego scooters, read ‘Thumbelina’ for the fourth time and the iPad was not charged. That is when I saw these empty Tetra Pak cartons lined up on the kitchen counter. I always have them rinsed and stored for some or the other kid’s activity. It is my way of recycling and making eco-friendly projects. So join me this summer as I use these to build a Minnie and Mickey DIY castle with my kids.

Age: 3+ (with assistance) or 8+

You will need:

4 Tetra Pak Cartons
Water Colours
Paint Brush

Step 1:
Cut one Tetra Pak across at the centre into two equal boxes.
Step 2:
Cut open the top flap of the rest of the three Tetra Pak cartons
Step 3:
Paint the four cartons in two different colours. I chose blue for the 3 tall towers and red for the 2 small ones.


Step 4:
Draw two small windows, colour and paste them on the halved Tetra Pak cartons, now painted. These will make the front of the two towers of the castle. Now draw one door, to be cut and pasted on the middle, tall tower. You are close to your DIY Kids Craft.


Step 5:
Draw two larger windows and then sketch Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse looking out from them. Colour and paste them on the two tall Cartons. These will make for the two side towers of the castle.


Step 6:
For the roof of the castle, take a normal sized used paper and fold it into a cone shape. Tape the ends. Now stick the roof on top of the towers with tape.


Step 7:
Now arrange all these towers as shown in the picture. Your DIY Kids Craft – Minnie and Mickey Castle is ready.

Once the kids are done playing with this castle, you can use them to store stationary. Or use the smaller cartons as paint-mixing boxes (because the cartons are water-proof).
Or you can use them as dry-garbage bins on your study table.


Benefits: This is an easy way to teach kids how to recycle waste into more productive products. An eco-friendly activity, it also gives kids an opportunity to paint, create and use their imagination.

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jdawgswords Posted on Jun 15, 2015

cool project...I was a fire bug around age 8 or so...and would make cities out of milk cartons and such...(we had little 4oz cartons then)...anyway after building things just so...I set them on fire...sorry I guess that's not a good memory for this entry...

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