This summer encourage your kids to learn a new language

So my three-year old came to me and said “Ni Hao”. Engrossed in my favourite tv show I just carelessly nodded. She caught my chin with her small and soft hands, now demanding my full attention. “Mumma Chris taught us “Ni Hao”. “Ni Hao, Ni Hao, Ni Hao, she fluttered her imaginary wings made with her arms, ready to fly. Wow, my daughter was speaking a new language effortlessly, I thought. That set me wondering, what is the importance of languages in a world where we all are becoming global travellers?

According to the experts, kids who speak more than one language learn to use their brain more efficiently. And according to common sense, if you intend to discover the world, knowing some basic words in different languages makes you more local-friendly. So this sum me enjoy our series of summer activities. Today, it’s 5 different phrases in 5 different languages for your kids to learn and enjoy. 

There is no particular reason why I chose these five languages. In India, Hindi is our mother tongue and English is the most commonly spoken language, so they jumped the queue naturally. French has the connection to Canada, and Spanish has always intrigued me. Both have a certain charm and romance. Mandarin of course belongs to one of the most populated and successful nations, China and also I think its difficulty level made it qualify for this list.

Age: 3+

You will need:
Google. Copy and paste the word in Google to hear and learn the pronunciation correctly.

A friend to practice with

So here we go:
English- Hello
French- Salut.
Spanish- Hola
Hindi- Namskar
Mandarin- Ni Hao

English- Please
French- S’il vous plaît
Spanish- Por Favor
Hindi- Kripya
Mandarin- Qǐng

English- Thank You
French- Merci
Spanish- Gracias
Hindi- Danyavad
Mandarin- Xie Xie

English- Sorry
French- Désolé
Spanish- Lo Siento
Hindi- Maaf Karna
Mandarin- Yíhàn

English- I love You
French- Je t’aime
Spanish- Te amo
Hindi- Mujhe aap se pyaar hai
Mandarin- Wǒ ài nǐ

Benefits: The kids learn about new languages and hence new countries. You can also talk to them about the culture and people, and encourage them to discover more through books or the internet. You can also download apps for them to continue to learn a language as a hobby.

Hope you enjoyed this little activity. Please keep coming back for more.

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