DIY Play doh train craft

If you’re ready for a world of creativity and inspiration, you’re in the right place. We at KetchupMoms are always indulging our kids in fun-filled, skill-developing activities that are simple yet super fun. And we are happy to share these with you. Here is our simple play-doh choo-choo train, one that your child can make herself. Let’s begin!

Growing up I loved play-doh. Surprisingly, I never got beyond making cakes and tables with it, at best maybe shapes. One day my daughter suggested “Mumma, Train”. That got me thinking, why not? So here it is, a colourful little play-doh train chugging along, leaving birds and clouds behind.

Age Group: 3+
Tools Needed: Play-doh in different colours
You can check this activity video on our KetchupMoms channel on youtube.
Benefits of this activity: Fine motor skills and dexterity. Play-doh train helps boost creativity through the use of colours.
Next step challenge: Number recognition. Write numbers on each rail carriage of the play-doh train with a matchstick and help your child read and remember.


1. Choose your Play-doh in different colours.
2. To make the play-doh train engine, take a big roll and flatten it into a square shape, leaving one side a little rounded.
3. Take a smaller ball and flatten it into a long cube and attach it to the back of the engine.

4. Next, take a smaller ball and flatten it into a cube to make a chimney on top of the engine. Add small puffs of smoke.

5. Now take three or four balls in different colours and flatten them into a square shape. These will become your train carriages.

6. Now make small balls and roll them into threads connecting the carriages together.

7. Next take the brightest coloured doh you have (I used blue) and roll it into small flat balls to make wheels.

8. I took the same bright blue and made small birds in the sky.

9. Roll white balls into clouds.
10. The train is ready to leave the platform. Great work!

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