Summer Vacation with Kids

Summer break- is it really a break?

Well, well, well- who doesn’t want a break from a monotonous regimen of life. Break is always welcome. I remember we as kids used to look forward to such breaks when we got a chance to be with our ‘ownselves’.

Free thinking, free time made the vacay memorable and refreshing. Outdoor activities without frills or fancy were just splendid. Family meals were enjoyed at leisure. We had a fair chance to explore our other dimensions of personality. It took care of our emotional well-being. Everything was effortless.

But now when we approach the vacation time it becomes almost a dreaded event while we wait for the homework baggage to unwrap itself. Projects follow one after the other and if that was not enough exam dates are announced right on the first day of the reopening of school.

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So, basically a child is not given any leeway with his tryst with the free time. He is not allowed to move away from the specified pressure area. I feel really sad for the kids for they are cheated in the name of a vacation. In fact they are supposed to keep on their ‘performing monkey’ status alive and kicking throughout.

And when I ask a colleague how she is planning a vacation with so many piled up projects on hand she opens the world of ‘outsourcing’ for me. Pay and get your work done- that has to be included in ones’ travel budget! Now that is famous Indian ‘jugaad’ for us all.

This is ironical that our educational system is making a robot out of human minds but mind knows how to work it around to its favour while children with tighter budgets bear the brunt of this tyranny thrown at them. Vacation becomes synonymous with piled up clueless projects alongwith extra burden of hurried brush with n number of lessons.

Vacation should be the time to travel, to relax, to unwind, to renew mental and emotional health and not a time for monotonous rut!

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Garima Dwivedi Posted on Nov 11, 2018

I dread those last few days on holidays when I would be pushed and proded into completing my homework. I guess some schools are changing the game and do have a no homework policy now.


Stuti Sharma Posted on May 11, 2018

Absolutely true... So much in agreement with this! This summer break homework thing is more like a toss thrown at parents as to how good you are, than anything to do with child\'s capabilities!


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