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Supplements To Support Gut and Immunity

The key to a better functioning immune system is to work on supporting the system and not try to boost or underactive the system. Both are not advisable for an effective functioning immune system. The triage is to have Necessary Nutrition, Positive mindset, and Good sleep.

Here are 16 vital supplements that are necessary for supporting immunity and Gut Health:- 
Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera aids digestion, calms the nerves of the gut, and helps to fill up the holes in the gut, as a form of leaky gut. Aloe Vera helps the gut heal and help improve immunity and by healing the holes of the gut
Useful for: People with leaky gut, people with stress and IBS
Magnesium: Magnesium helps the gut to calm down the nerves of the gut and helps to reduce inflammation of the gut. Magnesium helps with sleep and improving recovery and stress, and magnesium helps the leaky gut and helps to reduce anxiety. Magnesium helps to reduce anxiety.
Sources: nuts, seeds, dairy, and green leafy vegetables
Useful for people who are stressed and have chronic constipation
Probiotics: Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria that required to maintain the balance of good and bad bacteria. Probiotics also help maintain the balance of the microbiome. The gut bacteria are very important to manage the essential balance.
Sources - kimchi, sauerkraut, curd, cabbage juice, miso, kefir, kombucha, fermented vegetables
Useful for people with IBS, Leaky gut, troubled digestion, after intake of extensive antibiotic and painkiller
Prebiotics – They ensure the good bacteria thrive over the bad bacteria and help to avoid an imbalance of the gut bacteria. This, in turn, is essential to maintain the balance of the microbiome.
Source - onion, garlic and can be found in the form of supplements such as inulin, fos
Useful for People with imbalanced microbiota
Collagen: This helps to heal the gut lining from the small holes that are found due to the leaky gut. The collagen helps to rebuild the connective tissue and reduce inflammation
Sources: Bone broth made at home or collagen supplement
Useful for people with flare-ups, skin, acne, imbalanced microbiota and for immunity
Nac and Glutathione: It is a powerful universal antioxidant that is said to renew cells and help in the regeneration of new cells. It helps and boosts growth. It also has a benefit to help as a mucolytic
Sources: Nac Supplement which is a precursor to glutathione or glutathione tablets
Useful for: People with acne, skin flare-ups, imbalanced gut microbiota
L Carnitine: L Carnitine is a good fat that is required for essential metabolism and helps to repair the gut.
Sources: L Carnitine liquid and tablets available at a sports store
Useful for people with liver issues, people who are overweight and have an imbalanced gut, have a leaky gut
L Glutamine: L Glutamine is an amino acid and that’s used as a building block for the repair of a compromised gut. It can help and rebuild the gut lining
Sources: Glutamine supplement also found in protein sources naturally which contain amino acids. This supplement can help with detoxification. 17 vital supplements that are necessary for supporting immunity and Gut Health
Digestive enzymes: Digestive enzymes are often supplemented to help break down and digest food, especially when the body’s digestive enzymes are not functioning properly. , due to stress, inflammation, or some other reason.
Sources: pineapple, papaya, honey, banana, avocados, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, kiwi, ginger
Useful for people with compromised digestion, imbalanced gut, and transit indigestion
Antimicrobials: Natural antimicrobials from different sources are used to preserve food from spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms. Plant herbs and spices fruits and vegetables seeds and leaves are the main source of antimicrobials and contain many essential oils that have preservation effects against different microorganisms
Sources: Oregano oil, coconut oil, lemon, berberine, turmeric, onion, bone broth, fermented vegetables
Useful for: people suffering from excessive candida or yeast overgrowth
Polyphenols: Quercetin is a plant-based flavonoid group of polyphenols which are potent micronutrient present in plant-based foods, packed with antioxidants, especially help indigestion
Sources: Polyphenols are found in fruits and vegetables and spices
Quercetin:  Sources: apple, kale red onions are high in quercetin green tea contain ECGC Useful for people with who want overall efficient digestion and immunity 

17 vital supplements that are necessary for supporting immunity and Gut HealthFoods high in mucus: Foods high on mucus tend to naturally create more flam in the body and lead to conditions such as mucus in the stool, rhinitis, postnasal drip, and even sinusitis.
Foods high on mucus: bananas, cabbage, potato, soy, eggs, dairy, corn coffee, tea, soda, bread
Foods low in mucus: pumpkin seeds, celery onion, garlic ginger bone broth olive oil, pineapple
Allergies: It is a response of a hyper-reactive immune system normally seen as a product of high allergen foods such as peanuts, nuts, dairy gluten, shellfish, and eggs
Vitamin D: Vitamin D is an immune regulating modulator which is very helpful in reducing the viral load and reducing the impact of the virus, Vitamin d helps the hormones to regulate and help increase the natural killer cells
Zinc: Zinc is known to support the immune system, zinc is needed to manage the immune system work well with reducing replication of the load of the virus. It supports the body immunity.
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