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Immunity Boosting Sweet Potato Cutlets for Kids

I am not a great cook. Which means looking out for the best recipes is my necessity. So there I was at Goodful, for their recipe on Grilled Sweet potatoes. But before I could give it a try, a technical issue happened. My dear cook boiled the sweet potatoes. I needed raw ones for this recipe you see. 

But now I was staring at boiled sweet potatoes and listening to some grumbling tummies outside. And then I thought of Sweet Potato Cutlets. I was wondering how something sweet like this will taste with salt and pepper and green coriander. But it was a hit! With my kids and my parents-in-law.

I thought of Sweet Potato Cutlets.

But before I share the recipe, a little on why Sweet Potato is my favourite winter food:

1) Sweet potato is a rich source of nutrients and cooking it increases its Vitamin C value. 

2) It is high on dietary fibre, so keeps the digestive system up and working.

3) It is a good source of beta-carotene along with Vitamin B, Iron and Phosphorous and helps boost the immunity.

Sweet Potato Cutlets:


5-6 Sweet Potatoes: Boiled and Mashed

2 eggs: Well beaten

2 cups of breadcrumbs (Just toast 2 slices and crush them while still hot)

1/2 tbsp Green Coriander: Chopped

Salt and pepper to taste

Olive Oil for shallow frying.

I thought of Sweet Potato Cutlets.


1) Add salt and pepper to mashed boiled potatoes.

2) Mix the green coriander into this (for adults you can add finely chopped green chillies too).

3) Mix in the beaten eggs and put it together into a dough ball.

4) Roll these into small balls.

5) Spread the breadcrumbs on a small flat plate.

6) Flatten the Sweet Potato balls in the crumbs, on both the sides. 

7) Shallow fry them in a flat bottomed pan in Olive oil. 

8) Serve hot with ketchup.

Interesting facts for kids: 

I thought of Sweet Potato Cutlets.

In Spain, Sweet Potato is called Boniato.

In India Shakarqandi.

In Peru, Sweet Potatoes are called Camote.

In Indonesia, Sweet Potatoes are known as Ubi Jalar.

In Sri Lanka, it is called Bathala

In Korea, Sweet Potatoes are known as Goguma.

In Egypt, Sweet Potato are called Batata. 

On popular demand we make these Sweet Potato Cutlets quite often now. We would love to hear from you, if you try this. And you can also try Butter Cookies, Cheesy Pineapple Popsicles or Jaggery Peanut Laddoos. 

Happy Warm Winters! 

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Veena Posted on Jan 05, 2018

Thee cultists looks so delicious and healthy. Love this recipe


Sumita Posted on Dec 27, 2017

Tummy filling cutlets love to try out


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