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Tate Cafe - Where to eat at Suvaranabhumi Airport, Bangkok

We chanced upon Tate Cafe at Suvaranabhumi Airport, on our trip to Bangkok, Thailand some 17 yrs back. And we have revisited this friendly place with delicious Thai food, on every subsequent trip since then. 

                                                   Tate Cafe: KetchupMoms

A lot about Thailand- Did you know that Thailand is visa-on-arrival for Indian passport holders? Yes, just arrive with your hotel booking and return ticket and get into the visa application queue asap after your touch the airport.

Normal Visa application queue can take you 20 minutes to even 60 minutes depending on the queue size. The charges per head are 2000 Bahat or almost INR4000. Click here to know more - Thailand Embassy

Every single time we head to Thailand with our kids, eyebrows are raised. But our experience with this lovely country with friendly people and beautiful beaches and mountains has been phenomenon. It is as friendly and as dangerous for kids or families as any other country in the world. You stick to safe, public and family-friendly areas is the key.

As for the sleazy tag that sadly has come to be attached with this tourist-friendly country, read ‘Thailand Sleaze heaven or Kid-friendly heaven?

Moving forward - There is a lot to like and experience in Thailand. White sand beaches, unexplored mountains, snorkeling, fishing, artefacts, Go-bike terrains and more. In fact Hua Hin is an absolute must visit with kids.

But one thing we Indians can’t seem to have enough of is their cuisine. The green pepper fish, Chicken Satay, Green Curry, Tom Yang Soup, Thai Coffee and mango with rice. Yes lip-smacking dishes that even the kids enjoy.

And this is exactly why Tate Cafe if our go to Thai-food restaurant at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok.

Location- It is in the arrival section on the 2nd floor.

Ambience- Casual. Spacious and very inviting.

Service- It is an airport restaurant so most of the staff speaks or understands English well. So ordering is not a hassle.

Food- Delicious. Our favourite dishes are green pepper fish, sweet and sour fish, chicken satay and sticky rice. Remember that sticky rice is just about a bowl of rice, so more of an individual portion. Do try mango and rice if you want to go totally local.

       Fish with sweet & sour sauce: KetchupMoms

     Chicken Satay: KetchupMoms Mango with Rice: KetchupMoms

Tip -Thai food can get seriously spicy so make sure to choose your dishes well. For kids I would recommend Chicken Satay with peanut sauce. or Masaman curry with rice which is again slightly sweet in taste.

                                                   Tate Cafe Review: KetchupMoms 

And Thai tea is a must try at least once.

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Comments (9)

Makeupmagique Posted on Aug 29, 2018

This looks like a cool place to hang out... I will definitely keep in mind and will visit :)


Preety Tiwari Posted on Aug 29, 2018

Tate Cafe seems interesting restaurant, I would like to visit when planning a trip to Bangkok.


Deepa Posted on Aug 29, 2018

Thailand is on my travel list for a long time now. Thanks for sharing this relevant information. Its helpful for a first time Traveller like me.


Sneha Jain Posted on Aug 29, 2018

I have done lot of shopping from this airport it\'s one of the amazing airport


Nidhi Km Posted on Aug 29, 2018

Ambiance of Cafe looks nice and the food looks good as well. Will try it for sure when in Bangkok


Jhilmil Bhansali Posted on Aug 29, 2018

Wow Tate cafe sounds like a perfect start to the Thai journey with authentic Thai food. Looking forward to visit it this year end. www.mommyinme.com


Ruchi Verma Posted on Aug 29, 2018

Place looks so good and so the food ...I really not so fond of thai food but this seems delicious


Purva Bhatia Posted on Aug 29, 2018

Looks like a good cafe to enjoy a meal at the busy airport!


Gurjeet Chhabra Posted on Aug 28, 2018

Thailand is my dream destination and surely going to visit this beautiful country. the food looks so delicious.


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