Thai Fried Rice- A Celebration of Thai Culture

Food, isn’t that the first thing you worry about when you are travelling with kids? It is good to know what your best bets are in foreign land, especially in food. Familiarity always helps us settle in, so go ahead and know the country even before you visit it.

Let me take you to the land of elephants, beaches and all things Thai. Personally Thailand knows me well by now, from Chiang Mai to Krabi to Hua Hin, we are close family friends, you know. The flavourful Thai food helped us break the ice. Years ago, devouring food at this wonderful place at the Bangkok Swarnabhumi Airport, I discovered the fiery green pepper, Thai ginger, lemongrass and the comfort food of all Thai people – fried rice. In fact our kids had a feast in Thailand thanks to chicken satay, noodles and yes, FRIED RICE.

The Medley of Thai Fried Rice

This dish is a wonderful window to the Thai culture. How you ask? Well in Thailand, there is no state religion. Although the King (the highest authority in Thailand) is required by law to be a Buddhist, the people are free to practice any religion of their choice – Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and so on. What’s more this nation that borders Burma, Cambodia, Malaysia and Laos has some 75 ethnic groups. All of them live harmoniously and bring their own flavours and colours to this song-and-dance loving country.

Similarly in fried rice, different sauces, vegetables, seafood and meat comes together to celebrate health and taste. Depending on whether you are in the coastal area or the hills in Thailand, what you add to your fried rice may vary – chicken, crab meat, prawns, fish and a lot more. But the love and easy availability of it stays the same. The Thai people like dressing up in bright colours and have a soft corner for nature, parks and gardens. Likewise any well made fried rice will always be dressed in greens, yellows and oranges, and will smell of nature. Why don’t we cook up this riots of colour and taste ourselves? Here is my easy recipe to this quick and healthy dish.

Recipe for Thai Fried Rice

2 tbsp: olive oil
1 cup: boiled rice, slightly underdone
1 tbsp: soy sauce (adjust to taste)
1 tbsp: vinegar
1 tsp: chilli sauce (Optional. To make at home just break and add 4-5 dried red chillies to a 1/2 cup of warm water. After 10-15min churn them in a mixer)
1/2 tbsp: chopped ginger & garlic
1 tbsp: chopped green onions (For kids use only the white portion)
1/2 cup: chopped or thinly sliced red and yellow pepper, carrots, beans and boiled peas
4-5: fresh basil leaves
1 tbsp: chicken strips
1 lightly beaten egg

Step 1:sonu image Heat olive oil in a wok, add ginger, garlic and onions and stir fry for 30 sec.
Step 2: Add chicken and the sliced vegetables except peas and fry at high heat till chicken is cooked. The vegetables need to stay crisp though.
Step 3: Push the veg. and chicken mixture to one side of the wok and in a tsp of oil make scrambled egg. Mix everything.
Step 4: Add peas. Immediately add soy sauce and vinegar to the mixture.
Step 5: Add rice & basil leaves and carefully mix them with the veggies and chicken mixture and cook for a minute. (If you want to add the chilli sauce, do it now)
Step 6: Serve hot

Every time I make Thai fried rice at home, my kids eat a bowl full of it, smiling all the way. As a mother I am happy that a week’s quota of veggies have entered their system. More importantly while discovering Thailand, I was at peace that they were eating something other than french fries and chocolate shakes.

I hope we have got you intrigued about Thailand because next week a special guest is visiting KetchupMoms all the way from Thailand with some irresistible Thai recipes coming your way. We’re excited for sure!

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[…] Fried Rice: This is a no-brainer really. When dining out Fried Rice is one of the safest bets with kids. It’s easy to eat, delicious and colourful. It is also the easiest way to pack in as many veggies into their food as possible. And it is so easy to prepare, here is my favourite recipe for Thai Fried Rice. […]


Vikram Kamboj Posted on Jan 24, 2016

This simple direction to make Thai Fried Rice is very welcome. I have tried so many versions but have never tried Thai version of fried rice. Looks yummy!

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