Thailand with kids

Thailand a sleaze heaven or a heaven to travel with kids to?

Mention Thailand trip and the eyes will roll up and the smiles will curl up in the most sheepish way ever. Is Thailand really a place for sex and sleaze-craving people or is it a place you can travel to with kids?

Let's begin with some Thai facts.

-Thailand is a land of rich heritage and culture and the name literally means - Thai- Land or 'People's land'.  The only other rendition being 'Land of free'. 

-There are 35000 temples in Thailand. One of these, Khmer temple hosts the biggest 'Monkey buffet festival', where 4,000 tonnes of food is offered to the monkeys.

Thailand Temple Statue

 -In Thailand there is a unique Doll-adopting tradition that some Thai people follow rather religiously. These dolls are adopted by people and treated as real children, as it is believed that treating them well brings happiness and good fortune. Read more about these doll children or Luk Them here. 

-Thailand has a huge Indian influence, in fact when you are flying off from 'Swaranbhoomi' airport in Bangkok, you witness a huge installation which has uncanny resemblance to the 'Sagar-manthan' mythological Indian Story. Where Lord Shiva drank away the poison, that the demons and the gods were fighting over.  Buddhism itself is supposed to have crossed from India into Thailand, during the tenure of King Ashoka. 

-According to Wikipedia the country has been ruled by Monarchs since 1238. Also the king is respected and loved in Thailand as the head of the family. The King and Queen's photographs adorn all major public places in Thailand. Do you know that disrespecting the royalty is considered treason in Thailand. so much so that if a Royal is travelling, the mono rail is briefly stopped, because no one can be above the royalty. So make sure you keep your Baht or Thai currency in a well respected way.

-A typical Thai family is deeply rooted in love and togetherness. Thai culture is inclusive of all nationalities, religions and genders. They don't judge same sex couples for starters.

-More places than not, you will find the locals living in harmony with the so called 'Farangs', and the expat community seems to be huge in this 'Land of smiles'. 

So don’t make the mistake of generalising the people of this land. Because by the same glass every American seems a trigger happy junky and every Indian a snake charmer or worse a thug.

Over the years I have visited Thailand multiple times before and after kids. And this is what my conclusion is - Thailand gives you what you are looking for pretty much like any other country. A visit to places like Chiang Mai, Rai, Hua Hin and even Krabi is full of kid-friendly activities, temple-trips, cultural-shows, food festivals, art-delights, water-parks and trekking. While places like Pattaya and Bangkok are high on the list of bachelors, yet are rich in heritage & culture and have great family attractions. How to pick and choose? Well read on. 

4 places in Thailand that make for a great kid-friendly and family destination- 

Massage Center

1) Hua Hin: A place that is the favourite of the Thai Royals themselves and rightly so.  Hua Hin has the beaches, mountains, night market and temples. Pretty much everything you want for a vacation. Oh did I forget to mention good food, water parks and more. Well this is just a 3 hours comfortable drive from Bangkok, and has some amazing properties to check into. 

While here indulge yourself with shopping and food at the Village market, love their food court by the way.  Don't miss out on the Swiss Sheep Farm fun, water-parks, Atv rides at Safari Park, Heritage Train Station, weekend market Cicada which have everything from food, music, clothes and artists and their art. And our favourite The Art Village Hua Hin. It is a great place to spend a day with your kids admiring art, creating art and having great food. 

Tip: Check Hua Hin for the jellyfish season (mostly rainy season) before heading for the water. 

Day trips from Hua Hin:

Kaeng Krachan National ParkMaeklong Railway MarketBridge over River KwaiPhraya Nakhon Cave

Where to stay in Hua Hin?

It is a small place wit lot of luxurious and low end properties. The best places to book our

Hua Hin Marriot and SpaAmari Hua HinIntercontinental Hua Hin 

2) Chiang Mai: In the northern mountains of Thailand is the beautiful Chiang Mai with its crisp air and historical sites like old city temples. This town has a blend of cultural trips, night markets, flower markets and adventurous outings. And travelling by Tuk-tuks is a must here. And a must is taking a trip from here to Chiang Rai, and visiting the White Temple on the way. But more on it later. 

                                       Cultural Dance: KetchupMoms

Main attractions in Chiang Mai:

Doi SuthepUnderground Ancient City of Wiang Kum KamDoi Inthanon National ParkLong Neck Karen Hill TribeBo Sang Handicraft VillageKhantoke Dinner and Traditional dance

Places to stay:

AnantaraRainforest Resort and Holiday Inn. 

3) Chiang Rai: Further up North from Chiang Mai, is the beautiful Chiang Rai. A small city is that popular for the most revered Jade Emerald Buddha, that was accidentally discovered due to an earthquake. It almost lies 200 kms from China Mai, the drive is beautiful and you have attractions like Sulphur fountains and the mesmerising White Temple. The White temple is a unique Buddha Temple that has glass pieces in its plaster, which adds that extra shine to it. The town overall is sleepy, relaxed but the night market comes alive with music, food and beautiful stalls. Don't miss out on a photoshoot in retro getups here.

Chiang Rai Activities In Chiang Rai

Main attractions in Chiang Rai:

Wat Rong KhunGolden Triangle Singha ParkChiang Rai Night Market

Places to stay: 

Le Meridien Chiang RaiLe Patta and Kaeo Fa Sai

4) Krabi: In the southern part of Thailand lies this beautiful town Krabi, with stunning beaches, forest treasures and cave attractions. It is one of the more scenic beach town with some rather beautiful islands just a day-tour away- like The phi phi island popularised by the Hollywood movie The Beach. or Phra Nang Beach, voted as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. 

Thailand Diaries: Krabi

Main attractions in Krabi:

Thung Teao Forest Natural Park, Klong Them Hot Springs, Phra Nang Beach, Four Island Tour, Shell fish cemetery at Susan Hoi.

Places to stay in Krabi:

Centara Grand Resort KrabiAmari Vogue KrabiPhulay Bay and Ritz Carlton

3 Places in Thailand which are fun with family with a bit of caution.

1) Phuket: Overlooking the Andaman sea, Phuket is a beautiful mountainous town with some breathtaking beaches. It is also the town that boasts of a luxurious resort culture, has some awesome water sports options and tourist attractions like 45mtrs Tall BuddhaWat Chalong, Phuket FantaSea Show and more.

However the area of Patong is best avoided with kids, especially at night. During daytime this place looks perfectly normal but in the night the dark belly is on full display. It is the place where smoke drifts out of girlie bars and hookers shed the last piece of their dignity. It's not the side of Thailand you want your kids to remember.

Patpong, Soi Cowboy and Nana area are best avoided with kids, as these are sleaze heaven and red-light districts.

2) Bangkok: The capital of Thailand is a fun destination for mall hoppers and foodies. This is also where we have spent our last two New Years with our kids, walking down the Ratchamari Road visiting the Erawin Shrine. This part of the city is a shopper's delight, it is also where our kids first experienced the delight of Kidzania. 

But this city too has its infamous corners where your bottom can be pinched by luring girls and boys, trying to hard sell themselves to you. Patpong, Soi Cowboy and Nana area are best avoided with kids, as these are sleaze heaven and red-light districts. These areas are the reason why Thai massage gets a bad name and why people hoot when you pack your bags for a 'Holiday in Thailand'. 

Bangkok, Thailand

3) Koi Samui: This is where you can walk on white sandy beaches and your kids can swim like dolphins. You can take them for a hike, dive or just a boat ride. And somedays you can indulge them with Paradise Park Farm, sports and outdoor adventures and more. The beach resorts pamper your family silly here and the food is just divine.

Yet Koi Samui also has corners with its own secrets- girl bars, ladyboys and transgender Cabaret Shows. it even hosts of rave like parties also known as Black Moon and Escape parties. 

Avoid at all cost with Kids - Pattaya

Pattaya -This is a town at a driving distance from Thailand and hosts amusement parks and museums and bowling alleys and of course a beach. Yet it is best avoided with kids, in particular places like Walking Street which are flooded with gogo bars.  Unfortunately this city is also know and the Sleaze capital of Thailand so you know what I mean. 

Thailand is a great place to visit and enjoy the friendly Thai culture. It has everything a family requires from water-parks, alluring beaches, marine sports, luxurious resorts to great food. And it also has its secrets that don't reveal themselves if you are don't go digging for them. But then which city and which culture does not have its share of secrets. So pack your bags and experience Thailand with your family and kids.

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Jessica Goodpaster Posted on Apr 15, 2019

I think it is great to explore other countries and cultures with kids! Thailand seems like such a rich experience. We traveled to China with my son to adopt my daughter and are so happy we were able to travel internationally with them both.


Zyhar Posted on Aug 28, 2018

\r\nHello! My name Cleo. Do you want\'t to have sex with me? Write to me...


Minakshi Bajpai Posted on May 02, 2018

We frequently travel with my two kids. Your post would be helpful in every aspect.


Preetjyot Kaur Posted on May 02, 2018

Wow now this post got me nostalgic. I had been to Bangkok for my honeymoon, howver was contemplating if I should take my daughters there. I\'m glad there are many options there to explore with kids as well.


Jhilmil D Saha Posted on May 02, 2018

This is a helpful blog post. It Will be quite useful if someone is planning to go for a trip to Thailand


Nisha Malik Posted on May 02, 2018

I haven\'t travelled Thailand with my kid but see no reason why I should not be. Your guide is also help full to compile a nice itinerary for the travel.


Ishieta Posted on May 02, 2018

You have shared such interesting places to visit! while i have been to Thailand, i didn\'t visit all these that you are suggesting, and they all sound good.\r\nthe doll adoption sounds like a fun ritual :)


Kalpana Posted on Apr 25, 2018

This is a useful blog post with an interesting introduction. I related to the eyes rolling up. Lovely photos.\r\n


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