Thavala Adai Recipe For A Healthy And Quick Indian Food Recipe

Thavala Adai Recipe is nutritious, easy-to-make and delicious. Its origins can be traced back to the Tanjore district in Tamil Naidu, India. Named after a pot like a vessel which was used to cook it, it simply makes for a scrumptious snack. Say like our Beetroot Tikkis. Oh and just for your information in many places in the state, Thavala Adai is also known as Thavala Vada. Our dear writer Gowri Ramesh shares with us the authentic Thavala Adai Recipe. Watch the video below or follow the recipe instructions.

                                          Thavala Adai Recipe is nutritious, easy-to-make and delicious.

Thavala Adai Recipe

2tbsp Tur Daal
2tbsp Channa Daal
2 Red Chillies
1 Green Chilly
1 tsp Salt
1 1/2 cups Idli Rava
1tsp Mustard Seeds
2 Pinches of Hing (Asofetida)
6-7 Curry Leaves
4 Glass Water
2tbsp Oil

Cooking Steps:
1) Soak the two daals (lentils) together for half an hour. Then discard the water.
2) Grind the daal, chillies and salt together. Add 4 glasses of water.
3) In a wok or kadhai heat oil. When the oil is hot add mustard seeds, hing and curry leaves.
4) Once the mustard seeds sputter, add the daal and water mix to it. Let it cook.
5) Once the mixture thickens to the consistency of pasta sauce, add Idli Rava mixture slowly. Add some more salt according to your taste. Mix well and stir till the mixture comes together and resembles mashed potatoes.
6) Let the mixture cool down.
7) Now break the mixture into small balls and flatten them in the shape of an aaloo tikki.
8) In a non-stick pan or tawa, add some oil and shallow fry the flattened balls. Fry on both sides till they are crisp.
9) Serve Thalava Adai hot with Pudina Chutney.

Every Wednesday you can check our youtube channel for a fresh and authentic recipe. If you do try this recipe, please do share your feedback with us.

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Jiya B Posted on Feb 05, 2020

I will try it . Good Bfast option.


Jhilmil Posted on Feb 05, 2020

That\'s an interesting recipe, gonna try it out.\r\


Amrit Kaur Posted on Feb 05, 2020

This looks delicious to try. I haven\'t tried this yet.


Judy Morris Posted on Feb 05, 2020

That is such an interesting recipe will try


Bushra Posted on Feb 05, 2020

Never tried before this looks yummy


Navraj Singh Posted on Jan 24, 2020

Super delicious recipie. i loved it this is so healthy and espically children will defenitly like it.


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