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The Awareness in “Experiencing”

The cattle were returning after a day’s long graze in the lush green fields. Birds were flying back to their nests and settling well. The villagers though a bit tired, tried keeping their cheer on their way back to their respective homes. It was time to have the last meal of the day and put the bodies to rest. Miles away, the city had not gone to sleep. The evening party was to stretch itself to midnight. The moon was already up in the sky signaling mankind to stop all activities and enjoy the beauty of that full moon night.

But do we every bother to experience these? Do we experience every moment and not let pass the precious time?
Wonder why we are not able to see the tree or a flower as it is, without knowing or identifying it?
All of us go through innumerable experiences throughout our lives, but do we actually experience them? Wonder why we are not able to see the tree or a flower as it is, without knowing or identifying it? Even when we hear a new composition or a musical tune, are we not habituated to compare it with something we have heard before and also draw an amount of satisfaction in our own cleverness and intelligence? The culprit is our own mind. Our mind or the past incidents acts as a huge stumbling block and does not allow us to go through the new experience without playing a role, negative or positive. We are accustomed to the recall of earlier experiences that color and camouflage the current situation and rob us from the joy of living it.

Let us look at this tripod which builds up an experience. There is an “experiencer” who is undergoing the experience; the process of experiencing which takes place and the experience that gets recorded. Only when the experiencer is passively aware of what is happening and does not bother to understand and interpret the situation, he would actually “experience”. This leads to “Experiencing” the moment. For this, the experiencer would have to be fresh to receive and vigilant enough to not allow any seed of an earlier thought to creep in. The concept of time will have to take a temporary halt for the fresh moment to usher in. There should be no interest to rationalize what is likely to happen, for the “experiencing” to occur. In short, only when the experiencer is clear that this is yet not another experience, then he would be blessed to feel the moment and experience it. For “experiencing” the moment, the experiencer must cease to be.
We either gloat about our past or worry about the future while the actual present is slipping at our feet.
This entire process of not being actively involved, by withdrawing oneself and allowing the new experience to happen, needs to be deeply understood. To achieve a desired result, we cannot employ a process where one procedure is followed by another. Firstly, the element of desire to enjoy a new experience itself needs to be dropped off. Only when we find ourselves in a situation of being inexplicable about the experience, we will be able to realize what we felt through and internalize it. To borrow a somewhat similar expression of Thomas Hardy though used completely in a different context, “there needs to be more meditation than action, more listlessness than meditation and also the need for reasoning to proceed on narrow premises to result in experiences wildly imaginative”.

J Krishnamurthi beautifully remarked, “We either gloat about our past or worry about the future while the actual present is slipping at our feet”. To be completely aware about “experiencing”, the past should die and there should be no intention of the future to be born.

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Shub Posted on Oct 04, 2018

Very thought pondering post! We often get so lost in past and future that do so much injustice to our present.

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Nisha Posted on Oct 04, 2018

Judgement definitely changed everything. Experience the event without evaluating it. That\'s what true experience is.

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Mrinal Kiran Posted on Oct 04, 2018

How beautiful is this post! I have been meditating these days and walking on the path of spirituality (not religion) and I have been feeling the same thing... Once we shut down the constant chatter of the mind, life seems really beautiful and different!

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Healthwealthbridge By Dr. Amrita Basu Misra Posted on Oct 04, 2018

Experiencing this moment in every moment will help us live better.This is such an insightful post.Like taking a deep breath and feeling it.

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Deepa Posted on Oct 04, 2018

A very deep and thought-provoking post. It\'s true that its all in the mind. We must train our mind to see only positive and stop thinking too much.


Khushboo Posted on Oct 04, 2018

That\'s a beautiful post. You shared your thoughts beautifully. This entire process of not being actively involved, by withdrawing oneself and allowing the new experience to happen, needs to be deeply understood.(loved this line)

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Varsh Posted on Oct 04, 2018

Today\'s click-happy generation completely misses out on experiencing things for what they\'re worth. A sunset can be captured but what about the air that touched our face when we watched it or the hand of someone special holding us back then? The present is more beautiful than we can imagine.

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Gurjeet Chhabra Posted on Oct 04, 2018

I agree with you. We accept thing which we have experience as if we do not want to experience anything new. we should welcome things with open arm to get new experience

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Hema Posted on Oct 04, 2018

You have beautifully expressed your thoughts. It is must to experience and analysis that is how we enjoy everything in life. Loved the way you have written it.

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Jhilmil Bhansali Posted on Oct 04, 2018

So beautifully narrated! Somehow I feel that I have lost experiencing small things of life in the chaos which has been created. Need to rewind , take a pause and feel the freshness again. www.mommyinme.com


Firdaus Peerzada Posted on Oct 04, 2018

I really wish i get to live like the above scenario. Our city life make it impossible nonetheless holidays make it up for the loss

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Preety Tiwari Posted on Oct 03, 2018

We all should strive to live the moment


Sangeeta Posted on Oct 03, 2018

Quite true the mind is the culprit - it is always in motion and trying to put pieces together which were never there to begin with. For a moment if we stop analyzing and just experience it would truly be magical.

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Noor Anand Chawla Posted on Oct 03, 2018

Your thoughts and sentiments are well-expressed. Our busy lives take over our ability to stop and smell the roses, but this is what we need to survive in this madding world! (To borrow a word from Hardy).

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