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The Beehive we tend to Miss....

It was a bright September morning. The village beyond the river, intensely passive through the night was showing slow signs of rising up. The cows in the shed shook their bodies putting in every effort to welcome yet another day. Two squirrels ran up and down the tree, the gleam in their eyes truly standing out. A lady cleaned the entrance of her house and drew a beautiful rangoli. Her artistry always was the talking point for the villagers who would go chattering in groups for a refreshing bath in the river, followed by paying their morning oblations to the Sun God. Children too dressed up in their uniforms getting ready to go to the nearby school. By now, the entire village was bustling in activity. But the beehive on the tree went unnoticed.

Indeed, it is strange that despite the continuous efforts of the queen bee and her folks who meticulously build up the honeycomb, such an important structure should go unseen or neglected. It is for a beekeeper, a man cut out from the rest, to spot the beehive and extract the honey from it. While honey is primarily a sweetener, it is very much used to alleviate allergies or even in treatment of wounds or ulcers and other major ailments. Yet the beehive gets glossed over.
Our mind also gets unheeded like the beehive.
A new born baby is devoid of any thought. As it grows, it observes the people around and slowly becomes one of them. In this driven and directed environment, the baby develops the capacity to think and to form its own thoughts. The baby is also nurtured and coached in the whole process. One thought leads to another and soon a collection of thoughts creates an independent mind as the baby grows into an adult. Without any realization or recognition, the mind gets surreptitiously built. While we are engaged in various matters during the tricky process of growing up, we do not pay any attention to our mind. Our mind also gets unheeded like the beehive.

The mind gets pre-occupied over the tasks that keep all of us busy throughout our life. While we do understand most of “what” we do, we seldom think about the real ‘why’ behind what we do. It is the “dead routine” that we prefer to choose over the “solitude” which is generally less fascinating. This act of being busy will never give the mind, a time to ponder. Unless we see the right purpose in the right sense at the right time, the time spent would remain a secret and will never open up to us. We need to be observing every moment that has passed, is passing or will pass, for understanding the ways of the mind.

It is our choice to turn into a keen observer rather than letting our mind to carry on its usual way. Through the process of observation, we may begin to analyze and cut down the additional thoughts that creeps in always. Soon, the existing thoughts could get dissolved leaving the mind in a state of emptiness. This leads us a “silence”. This silence is the beginning of all creativity and love. Understanding the mind and purging it of all thoughts is meditation.

Let not the beehive in us (MIND) go unnoticed.

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