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The Reality of Fake News

“There are no facts, only interpretations.” -Fredrich Nietzsche

  • A photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi sitting with Sachin Tendulkar did a lot of rounds on social media where there was a framed picture of the Ambanis seen hanging on the wall of the Prime Minister's office!! (Photoshop, of course....)
  • Newspapers and Television went erratic about a GPS chip in the new ₹2,000 notes during the demonetization.
  • Amazing' Rajkot bus stop picture was shared even before the bus stop was constructed.
  • Jackie Chan was rumored dead many times, but until now he is very much alive.

And Many more such FAKE NEWS…..

Of late politics has marked a paradigm shift from globalism to nationalism and populism, a trend that seems to contradict the prevailing opinion five years ago. The victors tapped into this divide, perhaps even exploited it, while the losers, the status quo, clung onto a false sense of elitism. But what is the role of the much discussed ‘fake-news; and ‘post-factualism’?

Fake NewsThe problem with fake news is that it is no new phenomena, but rather, a scapegoat for the tumultuous discord that our world and its citizens face. From McCarthyism to propaganda to yellow journalism, fake news is another issue that has contributed to our growing distrust of intellectuals and experts, by tapping into the potential of our most primitive and vulnerable emotion: fear.

Ever since the dawn of the internet, we have become more cynical and paranoid than ever, as we face issues from terrorism, military industrial complex to political and economic uncertainty. In an age of instability, coupled with the quickened pace of the news, we have become accustomed to shock, and with this, the slow demise of honest investigative journalism.

Fake news has long been ingrained in our media. In the span of a decade, we have turned from traditional news sources to alternate media and social media. This unbreakable oligopoly, has contributed to a rise in ‘clickbait’ content and echo chambers. The obsession for eye-grabbing headlines only serve our media’s aim to be first, rather than be right.

To look before we see, to hear before we listen and to preach before we discuss, our ability to think critically and objectively has never been scrutinized as much as it is now. As we scroll down our Facebook feeds, the headlines pop out, with the journalistic magic that can twist words in the most profit-maximizing method.

It seems quite prophetic, that our world politics have taken such a detour at from the crossroads, with no exact plan forwards. And the media has aided and abetted this transition, with its fixation on converting paranoia to profit, widening the rift between the right and the left. The media has not been held accountable for this blatant indoctrination, for by the time the fact-checkers arrive, the lie has traveled around the globe, and it’s off to the next piece. How can one make a reasonable judgment, when fake news is indistinguishable from real news?

The growing distrust in our institutions, the mainstream media and the establishment cannot solely be attributed to fake news. The sudden interest in fake news makes it seem like a convenient scapegoat or a red-herring. The divorce of news from journalism is the biggest issue we face, especially in a post-truth world. And while there are good points on both sides of the debate, we must make sure that these points are being made.

As for a silver lining, perhaps this all will be the catalyst for a media revolution to heal the divide.

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Meena Posted on Apr 20, 2018

Yes fake news and dramatic journalism is ruining our world and our confidence and peace


Gowri Ramesh Posted on Apr 20, 2018

A true depiction of the dark side of media. Unfortunately the fake news has become so prevalent that the common man is unable to distinguish.


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