Top 9 Things To Do In Solvang With Kids

A road-trip from San Diego to San Fransisco with kids became an unforgettable experience for us, thanks to our stop-overs at towns as beautiful as Monterey. Highway 1 in itself is gorgeous. However, these picturesque towns help you really slow down and smell the roses. Or taste the wine, as in the case of the Danish village called Solvang. This is where you can taste the Danish life, architecture and even pastries.

Solvang, California: Located in Santa Barbara County, Solvang (Danish for Sunny Fields) is a town marked with beautiful windmills. This pretty little town has been an obvious choice for movie shoots and Tv series like "Little Orphan Millie", "Sideways", "Seabiscuit" and many more.

This town was established way back in 1911 on almost 9,000 acres of land grant, by a group of Danes. The city offers Danish treats like bakeries, restaurants, museums and even shopping experiences.

                                         Solvang (Danish for Sunny Fields) is a town marked with beautiful windmills.

Top 9 Reasons Why Our Kids Loved Solvang:

1) Denmark in America:

I remember choosing Solvang for a break on our Highway 1 Journey, solely for its pictures online with windmills. And when we descended on this little town we found it true to its promise. The architecture here is based on traditional Danish designs. When you walk through the centre of the town and stop for a photograph with the windmill, Viking statues and the famous replica of 'The Little Mermaid' statue from Copenhagen, you breathe in pure Danish culture. In fact, the kids were mesmerised seeing the 1/3 replica of Copenhagen's famous Rundetårn (Round Tower) at 436 Alisal Road in Solvang.

                                         Solvang (Danish for Sunny Fields) is a town marked with beautiful windmills.

2) Hans Christian Andersen Park
Does this name ring a bell? Since generations, kids have grown up on Hans Christian Andersen's classics such as "The Ugly Duckling", "The Little Mermaid", The Emperor's New Clothes", "The Snow Queen" and more. In fact, 1/2 bronze replica of Denmark's famous and original "Little Mermaid" statue has been installed in this Danish settlement in his honour.

                                               Solvang with kids

If you happen to be in Solvang on April 2nd, join the celebration of his birth, marked as International Children's Book Day at the Hans Christian Andersen Museum in Solvang.

The park is at walking distance from the centre of the town. You can plan a picnic there, watch the local kids skate or just sit under a large live oak tree. If you drive around or walk around a while you will discover play areas with slides. Oh and the music-making station with rhythmic chimes is fun. And hope I did not miss out on the exciting castle arch that you need to enter the park through.

                                                 Solvang (Danish for Sunny Fields) is a town marked with beautiful windmills.

3) Ostrich Land Buellton

Almost 6-7 km outside the town is a beautiful surprise for animal enthusiasts and lovers- an ostrich farm. Yes, it has a nominal entry fee and at some extra charge, you can even feed the birds.

4) Sunny Fields Park

For starters, this magical play area is huge and full of surprises. There are castles to be captured, tunnels to be discovered, pretend play areas like markets to be enjoyed. 2-3 hours of pure kiddy fun.

5) Solvang Trolley & Carriage

The town has this old world charm to it. And how can a journey in the past be complete without a horse trolley or carriage ride? The kids simply loved this slow and leisurely ride around the town.

                                  Solvang (Danish for Sunny Fields) is a town marked with beautiful windmills.

6) Lavender Farms

This is a sensory delight. If you are lucky enough to visit Solvang in April and May, enquire about the bloom in the Lavender Farms. Go soak in the beauty of these sweet-smelling Plants. You can even carry home some lavender soaps and beauty products from here.

7) Danish Delights

If you are in a Danish village then you must have a basketful of Danish delights. The kids couldn't have enough of the Danish Waffles, chocolates, truffles and they even fund true love in Danish Aebleskiver or pancake balls with powdered sugar. Yes, talk about sweet tooth and sugar rush here. The locals thronged the Solvang Bakery and we just followed.

                                                            Solvang with kids

Also, we had an amazing meal of Chinese food at this fine dining restaurant in the heart of the town. The food was indeed delicious and this is where we realized that Solvang is also famous as a Casino Town. Well almost, as people come in droves to a Casino Resort just 7-8kms from here.

8) Danish Shopping

In the centre of the town lies a cosy little shop that has also things Danish for you to pick. Legos, jewellery, Christmas toys, windmills curios and more.

                                                        Solvang with kids

9) Vineyards

Solvang lies in Southern California and is a part of the Santa Ynez Valley.
Grape vines will greet you at different corners of this place. Even our beautiful hotel grew some in its front garden. The kids loved their insta-moment under green grapes and we loved the wine tasting opportunities. The region's vine is world famous and on our way to Monterey from Solvang, we drove between acres and acres of vineyards.
Oh just writing this post makes me want to go back on that road-trip. But I still have so much more to write especially about San Fransisco. So adieu from me.

                                     Things to do in Solvang

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