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Time to make your SELF Happy

Have you noticed that whenever we ask someone “Are you happy?”, we would rarely come across anyone who would promptly answer “YES” clearly and cheerfully. Most of them respond about how apprehensive, engulfed, and exhausted they are trying to balance things in their lives. For that matter, even if we ask this question to ourselves also, we might have doubts. Do you agree?

understand why it is said: In search of happiness, we do a lot of things. We dig deeper or tend to ask philosophers, spiritual guides, read books or watch TED shows. All of them precisely convey a single message-“ Your happiness is in your hands”. The undeniable fact is happiness is directly proportional to our inner peace. We, then ask the next question, “How can I find inner peace?”, for which rarely we get a satisfying answer. Some say peace of mind lies how we can de-clutter our mind, some say it is all about how we simplify things. Its all about acceptance, keeping the needs limited, not losing your cool, enjoy what you do, live in the present, let go, eliminate stress, be more tolerant and meditate. Yet, in actual, all these seem to be difficult until we make a conscious effort in a matured way.

Happiness is all about what we do. Physiologically, it is the reaction of our body to every action of ours. Recently I happen to read an interesting fact that there are four hormones that determine human happiness. It is vital to understand these hormones because when our body releases these hormones, we stay happy.

Endorphine – Endorphins act on the opiate receptor of our brains. They reduce our perception of pain and boost pleasure, thereby trigger a positive feeling in us. In life whenever we feel "high", it is due to these tiny neurochemicals released by our body. Endorphins reduce stress and anxiety, elevates our self-esteem, help to reduce our weight and deal with pain. When we exercise, our body releases more endorphins that help us cope up with the pain. Laughter is another good way to generate endorphins.

To stay happy, we need to be healthy and laughing always. Let us spend 30 minutes a day exercising and reading or watching funny stuff. This will help us get our daily dose of endorphins, which will help us stay happy and de-stressed.

Dopamine – This plays a major role as a motivational component. It is otherwise called as “feel good hormone”. It is associated with feelings of euphoria, bliss, motivation, and concentration. In life, when we accomplish something and when we get appreciated, we feel very happy and motivated. When we buy a new car, or a property or latest gadgets, we feel good. This is all because of this wonderful neurotransmitter. Now, do you know why we feel extremely happy when we shop!! Dopamine helps us learn, sleep, have good memory power and enhance our attention span. 

To stay happy, we need to be motivated and appreciated. So, let us focus on our tasks, thereby we do the right things at the right time and get appreciated. Let us enjoy whatever we do, thereby motivate ourselves. Also, let us respect, appreciate and applaud others for their good work even if it is a simple task. This will help us get our dose of Dopamine to stay in bliss.

Serotonin - This important chemical hormone and a neurotransmitter help to regulate mood and social behaviour. This is released when we act in a way that benefits others. When we transcend ourselves and give back to others or to society or to nature, our body releases serotonin. In short, whenever we offer help to others, this hormone gets generated. Even the simplest task of answering someone's queries, sharing information, or even helping someone cross the road or with any other task will spawn out serotonin.
Offering help is the biggest noble karma and let us offer as much help to others as much we can, do good to the society and not pollute the nature. This will help us have our dose of Serotonin which will keep us in good mood always.

Oxytocin – This is called the "Love Hormone" or the "cuddle hormone". It is released when we snuggle up or bond socially. It gets generated whenever we hug, shake hands, or put arms around someone's shoulder. Basically, these gestures happen only when we accept the situation, people, and things. Acceptance leads to peace, harmony, and love. This, in turn, leads to happiness. Remember how the magic of “Jhadhoo ki Jappi” works!!

When we hug someone in bad mood, we get empowered to calm them down and love prevails. So, let us start accepting and become more tolerant to get our dose of Oxytocin which will elicit love in us.

Deficiency of these hormones causes depression, anxiety, moodiness, stress, aches, and pains, impulsive behaviour, and trouble sleeping. All these are the root cause for unhappiness, is it not?

So, it is simple, we need to exercise every day and laugh a lot to get Endorphins, accomplish goals, appreciate, and respect others to get Dopamine, offer help in any smallest form to get Serotonin, accept and express love to get more Oxytocin. These hormones will keep us happy always and generating them is purely based on our actions.

Now, do you understand why it is said: " Your Happiness is in your hands"!! 

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Gowri Posted on Dec 10, 2018

Interesting read. Regular exercise is proven to be beneficial physically and mentally.


Jayanti Ramnath

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