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To Die, Not to Die !!

The stuttering parrot kept muttering to itself the famous quote of William Shakespeare, “To be, or not to be, that is the question”.

Nobody dared to attempt an answer and left the parrot to itself. As long as the question is not for you, why bother? Is the antithesis, “To die, or not to die”, then the question? The larger issue in hand is whether to give a thought to such queries and if so, how long?
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As time moves, we see our nearest of relatives and friends, old and young, healthy, and otherwise, consciously, or unconsciously die. Yudhishthira, the eldest of the Pandavas, in the illuminating chapter of Yaksha prashna in the Mahabharata, confirms that the most surprising element that he has ever seen is that a man believes in the continual of his existence even when he sees people dying around him. The realized Ramana Maharshi differently interpreted that this belief of a man is understandable because he knows that he, the Self, or the Atman indeed lives on and it is only the body that dies. Lord Krishna also beautifully handled all of these, in the Sankhya Yoga of the Bhagavadgita, that the Atman travels to another body when the existing one dies. It is akin to changing to a new dress when the existing one is old or worn out. Then why is it not easy to die or even not to die?

Life, as a composite is grossly missed by majority of us. It is the fear or thought of death that continues to baffle us. Every moment of our existence becomes a pain, instead of basking in eternal joy that life is meant for. Death of someone known, brings in moments or periods of dispassion in us and we wonder as to what we are living for. While the thought is indeed striking, the absence of a well-enquired and soothing answer leaves us dissatisfied. The overpowering delusion or Maya clouds us further and temporarily halts this seeking process. Swayed by the ways of the world, we are reminded once again only when we see another death. Strangely, however self-willed we are, our inability to see the reality of death leaves us with a sense of bewilderment.

The three scenes of disease, old age and death transformed the young prince Siddhartha into the Understanding On Self enlightened Buddha. It was Self-enquiry and deep meditation that lead to self-realization and understanding the integrated process of life. Similarly, until we understand that it is the body that dies, We, the Self will not live. Self-enquiry and deep meditation will lead us to this realization.

If we realize that the body lives only in the waking state and is absent or dead during the dream and deep sleep states, we will sleep peacefully and not be disturbed by dreams. If we are consciously alert about the mind during the waking state, without passing through the dream state, we will glide beautifully into the deep sleep state. Understanding the mind or the conglomeration of thoughts making up the mind, seems to be the way that leads to the revealing of the Self and immerse us in the state of Being. In short, the moment we understand it is the Self that lives, from then it will not matter to us if the body dies.

Then, both the questions “To be or not to be” and “To die or not to die” get dissolved. 

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Sandeep Posted on Aug 21, 2018

Death or Asleep? The body might sleep but not the soul, that is the truth why we still dream. From dirt we are made and to dirt we will return. But the soul gives us hope for a new life after we asleep.


Healthwealthbridge By Dr. Amrita Basu Misra Posted on Aug 17, 2018

Thats an insightful article.The self lives and the body disappears.Its a transient state after all.


Rashmi Posted on Aug 16, 2018

Holy book of Geeta teaches some very important lessons of life, only if we can understand.. Great post.. food for thought


Jhilmil Bhansali Posted on Aug 16, 2018

It\'s time to ponder over the life we live and the soul we have. Intrigued me how Siddhartha turned into Buddha, introspection is so important in life.


Priyanka Lodha Patwari Posted on Aug 16, 2018

This is really very nice and thoughtful article.. It\'s really a big question that we are living our life the way we deserve?


Judy Morris Posted on Aug 15, 2018

Quitee an interesting read. Recently I was made to think on a similar lines as one death in our neighbour hood happened.


Nisha Posted on Aug 15, 2018

Once in every few days I really question myself of my existence and your post really made me realize I am not the only one who thinks like that.


Nidhi Km Posted on Aug 15, 2018

This is a very intriguing article. Topic needs a lot of introspection. Encourages me to think on these lines


Noorain Posted on Aug 15, 2018

Some deep thoughts can be found without having to search too much for them. Beautiful article!


Rashmi - Ajisthsmomstyle Posted on Aug 15, 2018

Wow lovely write-up and interesting too. Thanks for sharing


Snehalata Jain Posted on Aug 15, 2018

I believe life is big chakra, birth n death are two parts of chakra and it has to happen in all cases


Jhilmil D Saha Posted on Aug 15, 2018

What a beautifully written post! It surely motivates to self introspect and question ourselves are we really living our lives the way we should.


Prerna Sinha Posted on Aug 15, 2018

This is such a beautifully written blog. It really puts you into a deep thought.


Purva Bhatia Posted on Aug 15, 2018

To die or to live. The choice is up to us each and every moment of our existence. And, as it is rightly pointed out by the writer, only self introspection can help us is truly living and not just existing while we fear death.


Usha Ramesh Posted on Aug 15, 2018

Good article... worth a read


Sangeeta G Posted on Aug 14, 2018

Definitely an interesting read. I think for most of us unless we are placed in that situation where death is imminent we don\'t know if we will accept it or live the last moments in fear. But trying to achieve a level of peace and serenity will always be something we would all want to have.


Sundar Ramakrishnan Posted on Aug 14, 2018

Very insightful and thought provoking.


Shivanand Posted on Aug 13, 2018

Great Article


Sri Narayana Chs Posted on Aug 13, 2018

Thought provoking article. Beautifully written



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