Top 11 Animation movies all kids should watch

Top 11 Animation movies all kids should watch

Everyone loves a good Animation movie. And kids love it enough to even forget about popcorns and colas. And here are KetchupMoms must-watch Top 11 Animation movies for kids. But before we give you the list here is some Animation Trivia.

Do you know the early-age cave paintings when seen in a flickering light sometimes create the illusion of movement like Animation.

                                           KetchupMoms must-watch Top 11 Animation movies for kids

What is animation after all? Just a display of sequence of images that create the illusion of movement. Technically we draw say 10 sequences of a hand raising a cup of tea. And when we play them back to back, you feel the hand is moving. Yes that is what Animation is all about.

Say for example a flip book, where pictures are drawn on the unbounded side of the pages, successfully creates the illusion of motion. The first Animation film ever according to Wikipedia is Fantasmagorie. A stick-drawing movie by a French artist.

Interesting right? And now to our Top 11 Animation Movies List:

Coco: Frankly if Coco is not the best Pixar movie, then it is pretty much out there. There is a beautiful celebratory vibe to Coco that keeps you warm during the thanksgiving time. The dilemma of a young boy in choosing between his dream and his family's expectation becomes a matter of Life and Death. Quite literally there. The picture-perfect animation, emotional but fun story-line and the well-defined characters make you wish the movie would never end. And the rich heritage of Mexican culture adds a soul to this must-watch movie. This is the best movie of 2017 for both, kids and adults

Moana: The musical extravaganza from Walt Disney throws up a great role model for our daughters. Moana is strong, fearless, curvy and persuasive. This movie is also a great conversation starter on topics like planet, nature, green world and more. So watch this with your kids and get enamoured by the beautiful but ferrocious blue waters, demigod Maui and Mother Nature. And even the antagonists are animation wonders like the demon made of lava that you will find hard to forget. Watch this little girl rescue her people and not wait for a charming princess to rescue her. 

Frozen: If you have kids then you can’t ‘Let it go’, pun intended. This movie is everything that a typical fairy tale is not. There are princesses and they do need to be rescued but they don’t need a prince charming for that. The orphaned princesses love each other but a disastrous secret is keeping them away from each other. Watch what happens when the storm is unleashed and when a true act of love saves the day. Watch this movie for brilliant story-telling, awe-inspiring animation and unforgettable music. Imagine a snowman who loves summers, yes that is how brilliant this Disney animated musical fantasy is.

Lion king: This movie will break you heart and will mend it with its happy ending. This epic musical from Disney is all about a Lion Cub loosing his pride and pride, and finding it back with a vengeance. Needless to say the cub and papa Lion’s chemistry is to watch out for.

Bambi: This one is a Disney classic and even finds space in the 10 Top 10 by American Film institute. And rightly so. That one shot where Bambi’s Mom is taken down by the hunter, will give you goosebumps. Oh who is Bambi? He is a young doe who looses his mother and under his father’s guidance, finds his footing, his love and his twins. It is the coming of age of the innocent kid.

Brave: If you have a head strong daughter trust me this is the movie for your sunday afternoon. Merida is a strong, intelligent princess who can put any warrior to shame. But what happens when her encounter with a witch turns her mother into a Bear? After all that is what she had wished for. Or may be she hadn’t. This one is all about a Mother and Daughter finding how much they love each other and their differences.

Finding Nemo: Another Disney movie that swims around parent and child relationship. Watch it for Nemo, who finds himself in a net, delivered far and far away from his reef. But watch it more for his father, the clownfish who must conquer his fears of the great ocean and all the dangers inside, to reunite with his heart, his son Nemo.

Shrek: In this Dreamwork drama, there is a princess in a tower and her not so charming Ogre Shrek. Will she fall for her rescuer the crude and not so good looking Shrek? Will she run into the arms of the prince who hired Shrek to rescue her? Or does she have a secret of her own that can change all the fairytale endings? Forget the kids, you would want to watch this again and again and again.

Ice-Age: A mammoth, a talkative sloth are thrown in together in a mission to return a human baby back to his tribe. This 20th Century Fox movie, is set in the Ice-age and has its crazy number of followers for the entire series. But it was the first movie that introduced us to the soft heart of the huge mammoth, the craziness of the sloth and the dilemma of the tiger. Will he betray the trust of the sloth and handover the child as food to his pack? Or will he prove the mammoths suspicion wrong and form a circle of trust around the child? Watch it to know more.

Beauty And The Beast: This Walt Disney animation is so beautiful that you hate the beast turning into a prince in the end. So cliche I say. The well read and intelligent Belle ironically meets her match in a beast who is holding her hostage. Will she ignore the calling of her heart? Will she set free, the beast from an age-old curse? Watch this movie and relive a classic love story of goodness over good looks.

Kung-fu Panda: This Dreamwork's Animation feature is a martial art movie with the correct does of humour and inspiration. When an evil Kung Fu warrior returns to reclaim his throne, will an over sized giant panda be able to stop him? After all he is the chosen one, to the dismay of all else. This movie finds a Hero in a wrong body, technically speaking and that is what makes it worth a watch.

Well here is hoping that you have a lovely time watching these movies together on lazy weekends, or lazy evenings. And yes do you know the difference between stop-animation and classic animation? Well I can hear another article on its way there.

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Jayshree Posted on Mar 10, 2018

These are my favorite movies and specially the Ice Age and finding nemo


Dixya @food, Pleasure, And Health Posted on Mar 09, 2018

i love animation/disney movies too..and have watched almost all of them. these are definitely a MUST for both kid & adults.

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Dipika Singh Posted on Mar 08, 2018

You have got the classics here, I love them all as well my daughter. Our fav is though Boss Baby ;-) & Moana

  Reply   View Reply

Preeya Posted on Mar 07, 2018

I need to watch Coco!

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Jheelam Posted on Mar 07, 2018

Kung Fu Panda is my favorite. I don\'t have kids but this list is good enough for my own movie-marathon.

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Steffy Manju Posted on Mar 07, 2018

This refreshed my childhood memories..... I loved watching Lion king n I was neva tired of watching it again n again....

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Ruchi Verma Posted on Mar 07, 2018

Ice age is one of my favourite movie too ..lovely list for kiddos

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