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Top Bollywood Films For Moms

Motherhood changes everything in life, even the way we watch and empathise with a movie character. I remember watching a cult classic Bollywood film called Masoom and hating the mother in it. But a chance watch a week back, I completely understood the Mom’s character, who finds it difficult to adjust to an illegitimate son of her husband. And the bollywood freak that I am, I decided to share my list of top 9 hindi films you must watch as a mom.

                                         Now for the Top Bollywood Films for Moms-

But before that some Mom Trivia -

- How to say Moms in different languages - Italian - Madre, Hindi - Ma, German - Mutter, Japanese- Haha, Swahili - Mazazi, Dutch - Moedr 

- In 2016, 70yrs. old Daljinder Kaur in India gave birth to a baby boy after a successful IVF treatment. 

- At all of 5 years and seven months, a Peruvian is the youngest mother according to wikipedia. 

Now for the Top Bollywood Films for Moms- 

Masoom: This movie is based on Erich Segal’s novel Man, Women and Child. And the actress Shabana Azmi brings alive the turmoil of a wife staring at her husband’s infidelity and of a woman who isn't capable abandoning a child. Even her husband’s illegitimate child. The chemistry between the three kids is electrifying. The pain of the boy in search of his father, while grieving his mother’s death is heartbreaking. Watch it with a box of tissue papers momma.

Kapoor and Sons: Imagine living under the same roof with a husband who you know is seeing someone else. Worse you live with a guilt, because accidentally you set your elder son on the path to success by stealing your younger one’s dream formula. And then being the orthodox woman that you are, you realise your star son is dating a man. The gifted Ratna Pathak makes you cry for her as that middle aged women who has given her all in pursuit of a mirage.

Neel Bate Sanata: This is a refreshing story of a domestic helper who needs to inspire her ambition-less daughter to study and make her life worthwhile. At one point she almost succeeds when her daughter outperforms herself just to win a challenge between them. But when the heartbroken mother, played with aplomb by Swara Bhaskar, realises her true motive, will she give up on hope? Watch this heart-warming story today.

Dil Dhadakne Do: If you know a typical rich Indian business family, well you know Neelam. This middle age mom has a tycoon husband, a well-cultured daughter and a son who is well a reluctant heir. Yes watch this movie to see a mom who plays to the gallery, who is so used to adjusting to the society norms that she has stopped to exist. Watch how she tames her daughter to continue a dead marriage. Or how she advices her husband to offer her son as a business deal for a fruitful partnership. And watch the 50 shades of mother, wife and a lonely woman that Shefali Chaya plays like a wizard.

English Vinglish: ‘My wife is born to make laddoos’, this dialogue from the movie pretty much exemplifies the status of woman in the majority of Indian households. And this is what makes the superstar Sridevi’s character so enduring and loveable in this movie. A mom who is a lesser mortal in her english speaking daughter’s eyes, equips herself not for vengeance but acceptance. And through her journey she brings her family closer than ever before.

Taare Zameen Par: A mom has to mould her child to take the shape that society, school and even a very pushy father may desire. This blockbuster movie really portrayed the relationship of a teacher and student relationship. A parallel track of how a mom, who is her son’s strongest anchor, gives in to her helplessness, makes this movie priceless. And if you have heard the track – Tujhe sab hai pata, hai na maa – from this movie, you know what I am talking about.

Anjali: What happens when a mother realises that her husband has lied to her about the death of her brain-damaged child? From fighting for recognition and love from the child to getting her other two children to adjust, everyday is an emotional fight for her. Watch a mother’s joy as she finds acceptance, and grieve with her when she looses a part of herself just as quickly.

Neerja: A mother’s instinct is never wrong. When Rama, played by Shabana Azmi, learns that her daughter’s flight has been hijacked, she is worried. After all as a mother she knows how upright and fearless her daughter is. This film is based on a true incident and Neerja Bhanot, the flight attendant was posthumously awarded with many bravery awards. Watch this film to feel the pain and pride of a mother, who’s child lays her life to protect others.

Mom: When you see the character that Sridevi played in this revenge thriller eliminate the rapist of her teenager daughter, you feel her pain, her helplessness and her love. She meticulously goes around planning  all the deaths while fighting to gain her daughters' confidence back. And then she makes dinner and packs for a holiday like she has no guilt on her consciousness. Only a mother can be this tough and protective and caring at the same time. If there is one reel Mom I totally look upto, it is her. 

If we talk about mom films in India, the classic Mother India comes to everyone’s mind. So why does it not find a place on my list? Honestly I don’t know. May be because I still watch that film as a child in my head and I always empathise with Birju. The son who fought to avenge his mother’s pride and probably strayed a bit to far in vengeance. But all for his love for his Mom. What about you? What are your favourite Mom movies? Leave them in the comment section so we know. 

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Salma Posted on Mar 14, 2018

I have only seen a few of these but those ones were definitely good motherhood movies.


Preeya Posted on Mar 13, 2018

Sigh, still missing Sri Devi.


Jheelam Posted on Mar 13, 2018

This is such a comprehensive list. One of my favorite mom movies is - Astitva (2000) featuring Tabu in the main lead. Do check-out if you\'ve not seen it yet. Powerful plot.

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