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Travel in Style is the New Mantra

Fashion has become an integral part of travelling now-a-days. Whether we are travelling for work or just for leisure, doing it in a style has become a protocol. Though for some, it comes out very naturally, most of us would want to learn the trick. From adorning our local styles to maintaining effortless flair throughout that 10-15days trip is, by itself an art and sky is the limit when it comes to fashion. From mid-calf leather boots to sexy bikini there’s no limit to style up.

We need not dress up for the paparazzi to shoot us. At the same time, our outfit need not be super formulaic always. A dash of style can make sure that we have beautiful photographs to look back on.

So, here are some tips to travel trendy without looking like a tourist:-


  • Cool Sneakers- Don't get your favorite edition out, just pick a comfortable pair which makes u look chic and cool and can be paired with every outfit.

                                              cool sneakers: Ketchupmoms

(Image Source: Pinterest)rn

  • Denim dress- denim dress is a must take. It Instantly gives you a cool look... and is a no fuss outfit, easy to pack and wash.

                                             Denim Wear: KetchupMoms

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  • Big tote with compartments- replace your backpack to something fashionable and in trend. A tote bag with compartments can keep your things properly organised and fuss free.

                                             Tote Bags: KetchupMoms

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  • Lace dress - Lace is a genius fabric to pack, as it doesn't show wrinkles. And can be dresses in any one with an over sized boyfriend blazer and flats.

                                             Comfortable Dress: KetchupMoms

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  • A perfect pair of sunglass- sunglass instantly gives a cool look to your whole outfit. Choose your perfect pair of goggles that suits your face cut and gives a fashionable look.

                                            Stylish Shades: KetchupMoms

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  • A warm jacket - a leather jacket would be perfect to be adorned and it is a savior to all  weather conditions. If your luggage is already over-flowing,  then carry the jacket in hand with a swag.

                                           Warm Jacket: KetchupMoms

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  • Scarves- scarves are must, it can add more zing to your fashion state and also keeps u warm.

                                          Scarves : KetchupMoms

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  • A crossover sling- Never forget to carry your cool yet trendy fashionable sling bag which would go with your every outfit and can help you keep your essentials with you all the time. And ofcourse this lets your hands free to move at ease.

                                        Crossover Sling: KetchupMoms

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  • Swimsuits- even if you are not going to any warm climatic country throw a swimsuit in your bag (even during the winter). You could always come across a very inviting indoor pool or visit a spa.

                                        Fashionable Swim Suits: KetchupMoms

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  • Sandals - This, again need not be your statement piece from your collection, but can be paired with some short dress or flairy palazzo and is certainly comfortable while moving around for long.

                                        Stylish Sandals: KetchupMoms

(Image Source: Pinterest)

  • Accessories - Avoid carrying expensive jewellery. Sometimes, statement pieces can turn a baisc jeans and T-shirt combination into a classy outfit. Sarong is another trendy accessory. Even if you do not want to wear it always, it can be used as a towel, or as a beach cover, or as bathrobe, or even like a skirt.

                                        Fashion Accessories: KetchupMoms

(Image Source: Pinterest)

  • Travel ready pants - denim lovers, pair of pants can replace your jeans which are more relaxed, sportier and most comfortable. Bet me if you pack these loose fitting pants you’ll find yourself exploring your new destination comfortably and stylishly.

                                        Travel Ready Pants: KetchupMoms

(Image Source: Pinterest)

Fashion is in the sky. Fashion is in the street. Fashion has to do with ideas and the way we live. Grab your boots/sandals, put on your favorite scarf, and get ready to take off.

Who says you cannot look comfortable and chic?

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Comments (10)

Priyanka Lodha Patwari Posted on Aug 26, 2018

All of them are real mantra of fashion... I never forget to carry sling and shoes.. Very nice post


Deepa Posted on Aug 26, 2018

I agree .with some changes here and can look chic and trendy. I love scarves and denim jackets.


Papri Ganguly Posted on Aug 26, 2018

Totally agree with your thoughts. Traveling is now choosing right location with fabulous outfit.


Gurjeet Chhabra Posted on Aug 25, 2018

That\'s so smarty choice to dress to accessories. These are best choice to look stylish even while the travelling


Reetuparna Saha Posted on Aug 25, 2018

Sneakers and sling bags are such must haves while traveling. You have curated a wonderful list. This is going to be helpful for so many of us.


Khushboo Posted on Aug 25, 2018

I loved the collection they have all good collection for all age groups. Would love to pick some shoes for me.


Prerna Sinha Posted on Aug 25, 2018

Sneakers are a great trend. I love wearing sneakers a lot! You can literally pair them with everything - jeans, dresses, skirts.


Sneha Jain Posted on Aug 25, 2018

This is the perfect list u made n these are the one i will save now as this is right list


Mrinal Kiran Posted on Aug 25, 2018

Lace dresses and denim dresses are my favourite.. loved the idea of replacing bagpacks with tote bags!


Nisha Posted on Aug 24, 2018

Sunglasses, Dennis, scrappy sandals, trendy backpacks, everything is necessary. They are my travel essentials.


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