When Indian food calls try Soul and Spice Co. in Gurgaon

Isn’t it lovely to have Indian food at a casual dining place, far and removed from the Haldirams and Bikaners? And of course minus all that crowd waiting for you to finish up and handover the table to them? Let us just say I have been waiting for a place like Soul and Spice Co. at Golf Course Road, Gurgaon. It is an Indian food cafe really. And that is the KetchupMoms, Soul and Spice co. , Indian Food, Kids Food, Gurgaonmost brilliant part of it. If I had to take my very Indian family along with some expat friends, this is the place.

KetchupMom’s Rating: 4/5

Service: Friendly and prompt.

Food: Some different and some regular but all taste gOOd and fresh. And it is not oily and heavy.

My gang of girls started with refreshing Khus Sharbat. My friends loved the Kebab Platter. I was in a mood for something new so went in for Nanizza. Needless to say I completely loved it. It is like an Indian take on pizza complete with cheese. Sausage roll was another yummy dish you can safely order.

If u r going to Soul and Spice with kids you can try the Nanizza or even Khichri or Aaloo Poori.

Desserts were a pleasure to eat and try, Motichoor, Gulab Jamun, Rose, Pista Cupcakes and Mango Kheer. Delicious. Although the motichoor could have been a bit more soft and juicy inside.


Ambience: Minimum and hence very pleasant. A special mention for their music collection which is great on the ears.

Price: Rs. 450 per head

This is not a paid for or sponsored review.

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Farah Siddiqui Posted on Sep 09, 2015

Looks soo yummy!!! Wonderful description Charu.!!


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