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Why do we travel??

Travelling is by far more enjoyable than reaching the destination. Most of us in the current age love to travel and therefore look forward to the holidays/vacations to take off. We spend a good amount of time in planning, to avail of the best rates and facilities, thereby make our trip, a memorable one. Friends and relatives share details of the places they have been to, which instigates us to travel and explore. Our excitement or disappointment at the end of the trip, depends on how much we enjoyed and how successfully we could execute our plan. Nevertheless, we also feel happier getting back home though we have a dead routine waiting to get our mechanical life rolling back again.
The need to move away from our current environment and our usual set of activities arises out of a “restless mind”.
Why are we tempted to travel and not contended to stay where we are? It requires a deep dive into the ways of our thinking and understanding the course of our mind. The need to move away from our current environment and our usual set of activities arises out of a “restless mind”. We quickly get bored of what we do and never want to think of a situation when the mind is empty or quiet. We would rather pump our mind with a wider set of activities which includes travelling but would dare not meet a circumstance, when the mind has nothing to do. Even if we chose to remain silent and not do anything, the folks around us be it family, relatives or friends would not allow us to be alone. Unless we are smart and intelligent about keeping our mood of aloneness within ourselves and not spill off this secret to anyone, we would end up becoming a victim being pushed by them into some task or the other.

Besides that, don’t we travel even when our body does not? Yes, it is about the travel ventures of our mind. We do allow our minds to drift to different places during both in our waking and dream states. In fact, we handle much more important and subtler issues during our mental travels, compared to our physical travels. While we do enjoy the dreams, they also tend to leave a disturbance when we are unable to materialize it. There is also a school of thought that we must make our dreams come true and therefore, we set ourselves to achieve them. When we do not realize our dreams, it frustrates and leaves a doubt on our ability, making us sadder than before.

It takes certain level of contemplation to get into the question - why we need to travel then ? Here, we should give a thought about the physical and mental exhaustion any travel would entail and peep into the after-effects and worthiness of the matter. When we are drawn away from what others do and not subject ourselves to what they would think of us, our mind settles and is left alone. We are then left with a deep sense of contentment, where there is no thought of escaping from ourselves. Thus, the mind travels back to its source and help us experience the divinity of the soul, leaving us in a state of everlasting peace.

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