Why I don't want my kids to be bothered about your religion?

One night in my hostel room, years ago, a friendly discussion slapped me into reality.
Clearly belonging to the faith of the majority, had my friends either blaming or hating me for various wrongs or oppressions. I think the subconscious hatred they were carrying was as shocking a revelation for them as for me. I laughed it off initially, only to be provoked into trying to defend it, my religion.
Ironically till that day religion just meant ‘celebration’ for me. Diwali meant traditional sweets, Christmas meant cakes and Eid stood for delicious Biryani. Thankfully it has stayed the same thereafter too.

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Today, when we are exposed to religious wars, genocide news, ‘historical’ evidence (mostly biased), 24 hours religious discourses on television and the internet, what do we expect from our kids? I hope they see through our ignorance and question:

Why do we spend millions on erecting temples, churches and mosques and not hospitals, schools and homes?

Why is religion more important than humanity?

Why does religion break and not connect people? sonu image
Why must we make everyone else believe in the supremacy of ‘my god’ or ‘my religion’ ?
Why must religion barricade me from falling in love or striking a friendship with whomever I choose?

Why must my religion make my identity, when I am so much more as a person, as a worker, as a friend, as a neighbour?
Yes, as a mother, I hope my kids understand that god is a power that lies inside them and stops them from giving in, even in the most hopeless of times. That religion can neither be forced upon them, taught to them or become the cause of their existence.
I wish they won’t bother about your religion as they will not about their own.
Tell me what you think?

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Sunshine Posted on Jul 21, 2018

You\'ve mageand a first class post


Eolia Disler Posted on Aug 01, 2015

As I'm a convert into my Church, I try to keep my mind and heart open to other religions. I know that each one of us has their own path to find what they believe in. I try to raise my children to follow the principles of my Faith (I'm a Christian), and to respect and connect with people from other Faiths or nones. I understand that you want to protect your kids from people who prefer to tell you "what is right or wrong, and how you should do things". This is something that also kinda bothers me sometimes... Keep being a good and full of love mom!

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Fayaz Posted on Jan 17, 2015

I am not surprised to see no one adding his / her thoughts, here... It is so unfortunate (no offence meant to anyone here), everyone of us today want to live a life of pretence...


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