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Why Turmeric should be in your first-aid kit

Is Turmeric really a superfood? There we were wading through the deep dense flora of Thekkady, Kerala. You know it by now how much I love to Travel. So there we were, having signed a Waiver in case of Death, before invading this Cobra infested forest.  What an unsettling feeling. Us being the only two tourists on this trek, accompanied by three strangers from the Forest Department didn’t make things any better. Especially when one of them was an ex-smuggler. A brown, ugly root called Turmeric changed it all for us, that day.

natural superfood called ‘Turmeric’Wearing knee-high anti-leech boots we hopped from Jungle trails to Bamboo Boats to the trails again. The elephants did not show up nor did the cobras, buffalos or any other wild habitants. But the adamant sun penetrated our skin and even left my husband’s hands burning red. They were itchy, alarmingly red-hot with small nodules covering the entire skin. Suddenly the ex-smuggler jumped into the waist-high waters and disappeared. Only to reappear with a big stone in one hand and a strangely familiar looking root in his hand. It was Fresh Turmeric, that he smashed on the ground with the stone. He applied the pulp to my better half’s hand.

This story is about this poor little used and abused natural superfood called ‘Turmeric’. That little thing has Curcumin, which gives it all its healthy and healing properties. Yet its best introduction to date is ‘Turmeric for fair skin’. Just how unfair is that? Personally I feel if you are camping, trekking or are blessed with kids at home, this is a must for your safety kit.

natural superfood called ‘Turmeric’

1) Heals and Repairs: As a kid I have taken many a fall. However my grandmom’s quick heal-and-repair recipe was always the same, Turmeric Milk. She said it was a sure shot way to make the bones strong and the muscles stronger. It does not taste as bad as it sounds. For superficial injuries just sprinkle some haldi powder on your cut or burn. And thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties because of the presence of Curcumin, this is a must for people suffering from Arthritis.
So when in pain, Turmeric will help you with positive gains.

How to make Turmeric Milk:
Add 1/2 tsp of freshly ground Turmeric or boil its root (date-size) in a glass of milk.
Add sugar or brown sugar to your taste.

natural superfood called ‘Turmeric’2) Removes tan and soothes irritated skin: Due to its antiseptic properties Haldi or Turmeric has been in skin creams forever. In India in the 80’s people will remember the ‘Vicco Turmeric, nahin Cosmetic’ Jingle. It not only reduces pigmentation but also helps in the regeneration of skin.

Home made de-tan mask:
4 tsp regular or Chickpea Flour (Besan)
1/2 tsp Honey
1/2 tsp Turmeric
3/4 tsp Water/Coconut Water
1 tsp Lemon Juice

natural superfood called ‘Turmeric’ natural superfood called ‘Turmeric’

Mix all the ingredients except Water. Then add water one spoon at a time, till you get a paste like consistency. Apply to your face and neck and leave it to dry. Just when you start feeling a tightening of your skin, wash and pat dry.

My Grandmom often substituted water for cucumber juice for that fresh dew look.

3) Cheers your upset Stomach: Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, Turmeric soothes heartburn. It is also recommended to be taken for mild stomach ailments.

Safe answer to Pearly White Smile:

It is a great natural way to teeth whitening with regular use. It natural superfood called ‘Turmeric’is also great for Oral healthcare especially the gums, due to its anti-bacterial and disinfectant properties. Your fear of turmeric staining your teeth is not exactly unfounded. However the truth is that your teeth will have to be left submerged in turmeric solution for them to turn yellow. So just sprinkle some on your toothbrush with or without a layer of toothpaste, say ‘Cheese’ and click your bright-white selfie.

How to make it as a Teeth Cleanser:
Add 1/2 tsp of Turmeric powder to 2 tsp of water. Brush your teeth with this paste for a minute or two and rinse or
Add 1/2 tsp of Turmeric powder to 1/2 tsp of mustard oil. Brush and rinse or
Add 1/2 tsp of Turmeric Powder to your everyday toothpaste. Brush and rinse or
Mix 1/2 tsp of Turmeric powder to a bowl full of water and rinse your teeth.

4) Wards off Alzheimer’s disease: Curcumin, that is found only in Turmeric Powder is found to break down the plaque in the brain. This helps de-clog blood vessels and enables oxygen to reach certain parts of the brain, easily. In fact India’s low rate of Alzheimer’s disease is often credited to the abundant use of Turmeric in our curries and everyday foods.

5) Makes Safe non-toxic Play Dough: This one is for you if you really like the colour Orange.

How to make safe play dough
Take flour, add haldi, water and some oil. Knead them together to make safe play dough for your munchkins to play with.

Oh and by the way, ask any Indian Bride and Groom about the ‘Haldi’ tradition, that is celebrated a day or two before marriage. Any guesses why?
It makes your body supple, skin glow and teeth white.

Add Turmeric to your life and live healthy ever after.

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Comments (19)

Aika Loraine Posted on Apr 02, 2016

Hmm. Turmeric. I only see this being used on food as flavoring. Very informative. :) more success!


Riley Reign Posted on Apr 01, 2016

Great info!!! The more natural remedies in our first aid kits, the better! That's for sure!


ASKSonnie Posted on Apr 01, 2016

A very informative post. Tumeric is one of the ingredients of a concoction tea we prepare, and drink. Cheers!


curated1ifestudio Posted on Apr 01, 2016

I adore finding plants that grown in nature, which can cure so many different ailments! I think sometimes we unnecessarily purchase chemical-based products which can be half the problem! I can not wait to try the face mask! Thank you so much for sharing! :-)


beng2carlos Posted on Apr 01, 2016

I didn't know turmeric has so many uses. We always have stock at home but only for cooking. There's also a turmeric plant at my dad's house.


ROBERT LEE Posted on Apr 01, 2016

One of the most useful ... I don't how to refer to turmeric but it does have a lot of therapeutic uses.


Ivan Posted on Apr 01, 2016

I know that turmeric, as tea, is loaded with lots of health benefits -- anti cancer, energizer and all. I did not know that it had other uses as well.


Cai Dominguez - Travelosyo Posted on Mar 31, 2016

I don't know if I already saw a turmeric or not in my entire life. Probably no, but this is so helpful. Ill try to find one on the nearest supermarket. It does a lot of work. Amazing! Love the one for the teeth :)


msbolin Posted on Mar 31, 2016

In the Philippines, Turmeric is primarily used as food coloring. My grandmother though taught me that is can also be a great treatment for dandruff, sprain, bruise, and rheumatism. Now, I've learned of its new use -- to whiten teeth. Would love to try it! Thanks.


msbolin Posted on Mar 31, 2016

In the Philippines, turmeric is primarily used as food coloring. My grandmother though taught me that it can also be used as treatment for dandruff, rheumatism (real effective as I saw how she prepared this for my grandfather), bruise, and sprain. Now I've learned of its new importance through your post- whitens teeth. Might as well try. Thanks.


Alison Posted on Mar 31, 2016

Just recently I learned how great turmeric was but I never would have thought to add it to my first aid kit. I didn't realize how having it or at least being able to identify it would be huge especially when you are out away from everything lke you were. I am going to look into what kind we have here by me.


fabiolaofmexico Posted on Jan 28, 2016

I love to use a turmeric facial mask, and I also love turmeric milk. I didn't it was so healing! I wll definitely keep a jar of it handy.


Smruti | Herbivore Cucina Posted on Jan 28, 2016

Great information and put so nicely!! Pinned :)


Gwen @simplyhealthyfamily Posted on Jan 28, 2016

Definitley!! Turmeric is such a healthy cure all!


Miranda Nahmias Posted on Jan 28, 2016

Wow, that is so interesting! I had no idea that turmeric has so many uses for health! Great post :D

  Reply   View Reply

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P c Posted on Mar 17, 2015

Cold milk with little bit of haldi is very good for sun tan .Its been tried many times .

  Reply   View Reply

Sumeet Posted on Mar 12, 2015

Good information.


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