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Ever Wondered Why It's Kitc-Hen-and not Kitc-Cock !

It is a never-ending to-do list in women's subconscious mind which has a grip on her entire being. Be it a constant battle to be an organizer or to be a know-it-all creature or to be a care-taker, to be a fighter or a warrior, all women seem to rock. It is as if it is her mental balance that enables her family to actually exist!

Well, let me share a bit about myself! Holding an advertising creative background, I always yearn to horn my creativity in whatever I indulge in. I wanted to make a career in this field too. However, after I had my first child, I had no choice but to compromise my job as an associate director with a renowned advertising company. And soon after my second kid was born, I became more handful. My career goals appeared like a tiny little star, miles away, up above, where I could hardly see it even twinkling. Household chores and my early motherhood duties had engulfed me so much that I rarely had time to acknowledge my own needs and purpose of life. After a few years, when I could assimilate myself a bit, I decided to join a digital marketing company with 'flexible-timings” to work, a typical part-time job.

Very soon I realized that this decision to get back to my professional life, stood like a mammoth challenge, even though it was a part-time one. I would like to accentuate that while I was in a part-time job also, there was absolutely no compromise on the household and motherhood chores that I had already committed for. I did not shift or delegate my responsibilities as the woman of the house to anyone. Right from making breakfast, getting kids ready for school, managing groceries, filling up car fuel, packing up lunch, planning up the dinner, teaching kids with their school work, keeping up the house spic and span, laundry job and the list is never-ending. I would manage to finish the whole stack of duties before I left for work. But invariably, when I come back from work, it appeared as if I have reported for the second shift job. The helpers at home added more mess than of being any help. More than preparing for my office meetings and calls, I landed up preparing my home, for my few hours of absence. Soon I found it extremely enervating and exhausting. Not prolonging any more, I decided to quit this part-time professional venture.
Am I in actual terms “indispensable” or am I assuming to be one for my family?
After a few days, I sat down to reflect on this situation. I pondered within to find out what actually went wrong. Why could not I persuade my career dreams? What made me give up my professional goals? Slowly, but sadly I realized that it’s the feeling to excel in all that I do, created this havoc. It’s guilty of not spending quality time with kids and family, which made me miserable. It’s the fear that my kids would not outshine academically and that would question my capability, made me sulk.

Am I running the race of being a Superwoman in the world or was it the family circumstances that led me to drop my professional goals into the drain? Am I in actual terms indispensable or am I assuming to be one for my family?

I guess it is all in our minds. We need to relax our mind. To be more precise, we need our “Me-Time” to relax our minds. We need to hold on to it or create it if we do not have one. Though we tend to catch up with our friends for a while, play some mind- teasers, do some other activities to ease our minds, we need to learn how to calm our minds and be ourselves for few minutes in a day. This “Me-time” is very important to understand ourselves. Me-Time will facilitate us to appreciate ourselves for all our endeavors. We will learn to pat our back for all the multiple roles we play in a day – wife, mother, cook, teacher, nurse, driver, family advisor, entertainer and so many. It is a pity that in spite of our various roles, most of us tend to encounter a mean remark “Tu karti kya ho pura din”!? I am sure there are so many of us, who after a long tiring day, sit at night to fiddle the phone to get some sanity back for few minutes and invariably land up recharging our mind with the workload of the next day that would make us creep over the bed. For once, can we ask ourselves whether we should take this mental load and succumb to this pressure?

Certainly, the Challenge is not making the men-folk understand and appreciate us, the challenge is to appreciate and be proud of ourselves. And I feel the first and foremost step in this entire matter is to start appreciating self and all those women who do wonders to maintain balance and harmony in family and life. It’s this expression that can bring laurels in many lives and after all only happy individuals can raise happy kids.

We know there are so many women who are excelling in being multi-taskers and we at Ketchupmoms would want to create a platform to appreciate all their efforts. Should you have an interesting episode to share about the way you manage work and home, please pen to us at ketchupmoms@gmail.com. We would love to feature your story.

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