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11 Simple Yoga Asanas For A Good Night Sleep

At least five to six hours of deep sleep is necessary for the body and mind. Only then, when we wake up from the sleep, we can start the day fresh with renewed energy and with full enthusiasm. Just like how our body needs rest, our mind also needs to rest. People who are suffering from insomnia may suffer from health problems like high blood pressure, cardiovascular problem, obesity, chronic pain in the body, low energy levels, depression, and anxiety issues. Research shows that lack of sleep can have negative effects and destruction of grey matter in the brain. In fact, sleep is the best meditation.

A Single disturb thought can trigger our muscles to tense up, leading to a lot of stress. It becomes difficult to relax our body and mind thereafter. This causes sleeplessness because our body and mind are not at peace.

A simple yoga practice, that is soothing, and gentle can facilitate us to good night sleep. Yoga eases muscle pain, improves breathing, calms the mind, and reduces stress. It is easier to relax the body than controlling the thoughts. Relaxing our body slowly and part by part will calm our mind too. It is best to do this just before going to bed. It would be amazing to experience the subtle changes in our body after a yoga practice. We can practice these asanas at home as they are simple. Practising repeatedly trains the mind and body to behave in a certain way which is beneficial and healing.

11 Simple Yoga Asanas to have a good sleep - 

  Sukhasana –
 Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position, close your eyes, and rest your hands on your thighs. Just observe the thoughts and try not to get emotionally connected. Let the thoughts come and go. Let them bounce out. Start the deep breathing practice. Relax your shoulders and your whole body. Inhale very slowly into your abdomen and let your abdomen expand and slowly exhale and deflate the abdomen completely letting go of the breath. When you exhale, remember to let go of all the worries and tension out of your system. Continue with 5-second inhalation and 5-second exhalation.

Marjariasana - Animal pose-
Come on to your hands and knees (animal pose). Bring your hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips. As you Inhale, dip your middle back to the floor and look up with your chest and chin (cow pose). As you Exhale, round your upper back and bring your chin towards your chest (cat pose). Repeat this 5 times.

Shashankasan (child’s pose) – 

Kneel on the floor. Keep your toes together and sit on your heels. Spread your knees slightly apart and fingertips on the floor. Walk your hands forward and bring your chest toward the floor. Rest your forehead on the floor. If the forehead does not reach the floor, you can keep a blanket or pillow under the forehead for support.

Adomukha svanasana (downward facing dog)
Come on to your hands and knees. Lift your knees off the floor and lift your hips up making an inverted V shape. Straighten your elbows and knees. Keep your fingers and toes pointing forward. Press your hands into the floor and lengthen your spine. Relax your neck.

Shashankasan / Adomukasvanasana alternatively
Starting from shashankasan slowly come on to your hands and knees and get into adomukha svanasana. Come on to your hands and knees and slide into shashankasana. Repeat these 5 times and synchronize movement with breath.

Jatara parivritasana

Lie on your back. Spread your hands in line with your shoulders. Bend both knees and bring knees to the right side. Look over your left shoulder. Stay here for few minutes and then repeat on the other side.


Lie on your back. Bring both your knees closer to your chest. Take your hands around your leg and hug them. Breathe normally.

Ananda balasana – happy baby pose 

Bring your knees close to your chest. Grasp your two big toes with the index and middle finger. The pull the heels up to the ceiling. Keep your back fixed to the mat. Pull your knees closer to the underarm area. Rock back and forth to massage your spine.

Viparita Karni -

Sit closer to the wall so that the right side of the body is touching the wall. Slowly lower your back on the mat and Swing your legs up on the wall (or simply keep your legs on a chair). You can elevate your hips by keeping a pillow underneath.

Sukhasana forwards stretch – 

Sit crossed leg and stretch your hands forward. Rest your forehead on the floor.

Shavasana (corpse pose) -

Lie down on your back spread your feet and hands apart and completely relax your body. Bring your attention to every part of your body breathing slowly and deeply allowing your body into a state of deep relaxation. Keep your mind free of thoughts. feel the body sink into a deep state of silence and tranquillity.

Note - Stay in each pose for 3 – 5 minutes taking long soothing breaths. Apart from these aforesaid asanas, few minutes of deep belly breathing (counting the inhalation and exhalation), guided meditation and yoga nidra will help you relax further and fall into sleep.

Go to sleep with a smile and wake up with even a brighter one! Sleep well and Stay healthy.

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Deepa Posted on Dec 20, 2018

Thanks for sharing this helpful post. Yoga is surely a great way to stay happy and healthy. Sharing it with my friends who have sleep issues.


Nisha Posted on Dec 20, 2018

I have seen many beauty and health youtubers practicing yoga as their sleep routine. It\'s a great way to take off the day and prepare yourself for a quality sleep. I will definitely try some tonight.


Gowri Ramesh Posted on Dec 20, 2018

Very useful post. Simple yet effective. Thanks


Jhilmil Bhansali Posted on Dec 20, 2018

Superb post. I knew that regular yoga calms the muscles and can be quite important for sleep disorders but didn\'t exactly knew which asanaa\'s support it. Thanks for this info.


Healthwealthbridge By Dr. Amrita Basu Misra Posted on Dec 20, 2018

This was a very helpful post. Sleep quality is most important for good rest. If these yoga poses help,we need to try.


Manasi Popat Posted on Dec 19, 2018

Going to show this to my mom and I\'m sure she is gonna love it so much! I have always been told to do yoga specially coz of health reasons. Gonna choose this article for some reference, Haha.


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