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YOU CANNOT BLEND IN WHEN YOU ARE BORN TO STAND OUT.......( line quoted by R.J Palacio)

I am a someone trying to be with the crowd,
I am fitting in wherever I am allowed,
What matters is that you cannot blend in when you are born to stand out.
I observe what they always do,
I stay with them and stick to them like glue,

I try to imitate their slangs and pick up lines,
I know it is tough, but I try not to whine,

I be like them, but I fail to do so,
With the fixed thought in my mind to go with the flow,

Not knowing the difference between unique and odd,
I go around with a mentality completely opposite to broad,

I am tired of people's irrelevant prattle,
For me it is like fighting a battle,

I stand upright with a different personality,
I be with people with whom I can stay without any formality,

This is the reason behind not getting along,
I realise that I have made my mindset strong,

I register that it doesn't matter if I am being talked about,
What matters is that you cannot blend in when you are born to stand out.

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Janess Posted on Jul 21, 2018

Hey, sulbte must be your middle name. Great post!


Stuti Sharma Posted on Feb 16, 2018

Wonderful words!


Santosh Posted on Feb 08, 2018

Excellent Hetvi. Superb writing. keep it up.


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