DIY Handmade bags and homemade glue your kids will love

Summer Holidays are a time for celebration. There will be playdates, picnics, theme parties and may be some birthday celebrations. And when there are celebrations there are gifts. And when there are g

DIY bird-house with recycled materials

DIY bird-house with recycled material is not just a craft activity, it is a lesson in kindness for kids. Summer time is all about spending time with family, doing Summer activities that are fun, refre

DIY a Heart pop-up card activity for kids.

Are your kids shining and the sun smiling today? We hope that our fun DIY activities are keeping them engaged and excited. So after the Play-Doh Train Craft are you ready to create a simple heart-sha

DIY Play doh train craft

If you’re ready for a world of creativity and inspiration, you’re in the right place. We at KetchupMoms are always indulging our kids in fun-filled, skill-developing activities that are simple yet

Quick DIY Craft -Make a Tree from an Egg Tray

Keeping kids engaged surely takes an entire town. Everyday they look for something new. A new book, toy, experience and much more. On a snowy day, rainy day or just an ordinary day, busy kids are happ