Your Child Can Be A Published Scholastic Writer, Here's How

If your Kid is a story-teller, then Scholastic Writing Awards is just the platform for her/him. Remember the time he told you a story about an imaginative cat that lives under his bed. Or when she tol

YOU CANNOT BLEND IN WHEN YOU ARE BORN TO STAND OUT.......( line quoted by R.J Palacio)

I am a someone trying to be with the crowd, I am fitting in wherever I am allowed, I observe what they always do, I stay with them and stick to them like glue, I try to imitate their slangs and pick

The Three Little Pigs StoryTelling Craft with Recycled CDs

Storytelling is so much fun when we bring it alive. It can be as simple as voice modulation. Or may be a little more effort of making some props- easy and colourful. The best thing is when you make th

5 Benefits of Horse Riding for Kids

I remember going to my mom’s house with my twins, wondering if they will be safe around her Labrador. But lets just say, that summer was all about ‘loving our happy family, a pet included.’ The

Doll House Craft with Recycled DVD Covers and CDs

Honest confession- I loved my CD collection. But with song apps and iPads and AppleMusic I was itching to recycle it. So when my daughter asked me for a Doll house, I got her excited with the Doll Hou