Shabdkhel- Making a Board Game to Make Learning Hindi Fun!

When my daughter's winter homework read "Make a Hindi Board Game", I suddenly realised the dearth of it. And not just in my twin's activity and book cupboards. But in the toy shops, online portals

DIY Snake Puppet with Old Socks

DIY Snake Puppet with Old Socks and me? The lighting speed with which motherhood is changing my DNA, I am pretty close to attaining nirvana. Seriously, anyone who knows me, will vouch for my two left

5 minute Craft with Ribbon and Ice-cream Stick for Kids

If you have been following my articles, you probably saw my twins and me make the Christmas Tree by recycling empty cartons. Or the Bird-house with Tetra Pak cartons. And our favourite Lemon Scarecrow

DIY Christmas Tree with Empty Cartons

In Seattle, Washington stands the tallest living Christmas Tree till date- said to be almost 221ft. Well this Christmas, the twins and me decided to continue our tradition of making our DIY Christmas

DIY Christmas Tree for Fun Table Decor

Growing up in the small hill town Shimla, in India, we always looked forward to a white Christmas. More often than not we woke up to the entire hill-side decorated by real snowflakes. The Christian co