DIY Christmas Tree with Empty Cartons

In Seattle, Washington stands the tallest living Christmas Tree till date- said to be almost 221ft. Well this Christmas, the twins and me decided to continue our tradition of making our DIY Christmas

DIY Christmas Tree for Fun Table Decor

Growing up in the small hill town Shimla, in India, we always looked forward to a white Christmas. More often than not we woke up to the entire hill-side decorated by real snowflakes. The Christian co

Halloween Table Decor Idea - Dracula Straws and Bloody Booster Juice

The world is a Global Village and increasingly we are tasting a slice of life from another country. So we are celebrating Halloween in our Indian home with Dracula straws and bloody booster juice. It

How to Grow an Organic Garden

Why do we need to grow an Organic Garden? All of us know that eating healthy and organic food is good. Our forefathers were in sync with nature, they used manure from the cattle they reared, to grow g

DIY Halloween Spooky Castle with Recycled Tetra Pak Cartons and Old Newspapers

Say hello to a a simple but Fun Craft, Halloween Spooky Castle with Recycled Tetra Pak Cartons and Newspapers. All you need is a fun imagination. Here is how we made it, you can try it your way. Happy