Making relationships smile with McCain!

The writer is entering a contest sponsored by Mccain.It was 5. p.m. in the evening and my daughter seemed in no hurry to jump into her shoes and slide down the stairs to her best friend’s room. They

DIY Animal shaped Face Masks

Dussehra, the Indian festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil, is my favourite childhood fest. Not just for the lights and fireworks but more so for the face masks that flooded the marke

DIY a Heart pop-up card activity for kids.

Are your kids shining and the sun smiling today? We hope that our fun DIY activities are keeping them engaged and excited. So after the Play-Doh Train Craft are you ready to create a simple heart-sha

DIY Play doh train craft

If you’re ready for a world of creativity and inspiration, you’re in the right place. We at KetchupMoms are always indulging our kids in fun-filled, skill-developing activities that are simple yet

Quick DIY Craft -Make a Tree from an Egg Tray

Keeping kids engaged surely takes an entire town. Everyday they look for something new. A new book, toy, experience and much more. On a snowy day, rainy day or just an ordinary day, busy kids are happ