Recycle chocolate in your fridge for a fun chocolate-designing activity

What comes to your mind when I say “Chocolate”? Sugar, sweetness, sweet tooth? Most kids love it, but would they still if it was flavoured with chili peppers. Gave you a pause, didn’t it? Accor

Happy Holi with DIY Home-made Colours

For those of you new to this Indian festival, Holi, it is the most colourful day on earth. No wonder we celebrate it in full force in India. And if you have kids, I suggest DIY Home-made colours. Diff

DIY crafts: Make Mouse Puppet With Pet Bottles

We all have stories to tell but only a few tell them well. They are the ones that engross you with every word, with drama and action. And now with 4D and 5D films, storytelling has evolved to another

Holi Like Festivals That Turn Us Into Kids.

Do you know about Holi like festivals that are equal or more fun? Kids love playing with water, and as I say that I can hear my twins washing their hands in the bathroom for the 100th time. Normally,

Making relationships smile with McCain!

The writer is entering a contest sponsored by Mccain.It was 5. p.m. in the evening and my daughter seemed in no hurry to jump into her shoes and slide down the stairs to her best friend’s room. They