Play a game with all 5 senses

Every event in our life can be explained and divided into the five senses that our body experiences. Let’s try it. What about the addition of a baby in your house? The baby powder mixed with the sm

Interesting ways to turn your kids into food inspectors

Safe food means a lot to me as an aware mother. Like what temperature to freeze chicken at. Whether or not to boil milk? To have fresh fruit juice from a vendor or make your own or have juice in Tetra

DIY Kids Craft- A castle made of eco-friendly materials

My twins and I were in no mood to go out. We had already made Lego scooters, read ‘Thumbelina’ for the fourth time and the iPad was not charged. That is when I saw these empty Tetra Pak cartons li

Jump Frog-play a fun and easy indoor game this summer

As part of our fun kid series, allow me to present a very colourful game. One that will keep your kids occupied for an entire day and for weeks to come – Jump Frog.Jump Frog: A simple game where you

Nature Colour Hunt

Play-doh and Lego are by far my twins’ favourite toys. Every time they say “pass that blue one” or “I want to make a yellow cycle” I know colour has played a big factor here. Why else do you