Giving is the most important lesson, Piggy Bank teaches your kids

I have this big habit of saving. No, not savings in the bank, more in a small secret box in my room. The very thought of opening it and counting my money when it is full, makes me giggle with joy and

DIY Time capsule with the kids

Click a picture, make a video, keep a diary, write a blog, tweet and then go back and see what you were doing yesterday, or even a year ago. It is all so easy today to capture our memories and milesto

Fun Sink or Float Science Activity for Kids

This Sink or Float science activity is fun for little kids. There is scientific explanation as to why things float or sink. But for the kids it is first important to get familiarised and experience th

This summer encourage your kids to learn a new language

So my three-year old came to me and said “Ni Hao”. Engrossed in my favourite tv show I just carelessly nodded. She caught my chin with her small and soft hands, now demanding my full attention.

Play a game with all 5 senses

Every event in our life can be explained and divided into the five senses that our body experiences. Let’s try it. What about the addition of a baby in your house? The baby powder mixed with the sm