Doll House Craft with Recycled DVD Covers and CDs

Honest confession- I loved my CD collection. But with song apps and iPads and AppleMusic I was itching to recycle it. So when my daughter asked me for a Doll house, I got her excited with the Doll Hou

DIY Snake Puppet with Old Socks

DIY Snake Puppet with Old Socks and me? The lighting speed with which motherhood is changing my DNA, I am pretty close to attaining nirvana. Seriously, anyone who knows me, will vouch for my two left

DIY Christmas Tree with Empty Cartons

In Seattle, Washington stands the tallest living Christmas Tree till date- said to be almost 221ft. Well this Christmas, the twins and me decided to continue our tradition of making our DIY Christmas

Recycle chocolate in your fridge for a fun chocolate-designing activity

What comes to your mind when I say “Chocolate”? Sugar, sweetness, sweet tooth? Most kids love it, but would they still if it was flavoured with chili peppers. Gave you a pause, didn’t it? Accor

DIY crafts: Make Mouse Puppet With Pet Bottles

We all have stories to tell but only a few tell them well. They are the ones that engross you with every word, with drama and action. And now with 4D and 5D films, storytelling has evolved to another