Recycle chocolate in your fridge for a fun chocolate-designing activity

What comes to your mind when I say “Chocolate”? Sugar, sweetness, sweet tooth? Most kids love it, but would they still if it was flavoured with chili peppers. Gave you a pause, didn’t it? Accor

DIY crafts: Make Mouse Puppet With Pet Bottles

We all have stories to tell but only a few tell them well. They are the ones that engross you with every word, with drama and action. And now with 4D and 5D films, storytelling has evolved to another

DIY Kids Craft- A castle made of eco-friendly materials

My twins and I were in no mood to go out. We had already made Lego scooters, read ‘Thumbelina’ for the fourth time and the iPad was not charged. That is when I saw these empty Tetra Pak cartons li

DIY Handmade bags and homemade glue your kids will love

Summer Holidays are a time for celebration. There will be playdates, picnics, theme parties and may be some birthday celebrations. And when there are celebrations there are gifts. And when there are g

DIY bird-house with recycled materials

Summer time is all about spending time with family, doing Summer activities that are fun, refreshing and new. We may explore a new water-park, experience a new country and culture or just go outdoors