Scholastic Soulful Stories - 8th June 2018

Have you ever thought that animals can inspire you to Yoga? “Upward facing dog pose” or “Cat Pose” are some proofs to this. Many yoga poses are named after animals. If learning Yoga can be mad

Scholastic Soulful Stories - 7th June 2018

After being immersed in the captivating and enchanting display of a 18th century traditional leather shadow puppet art, our kids are going to get magnetized to the modern Muppets tomorrow , 7th June 2

Scholastic Soulful Stories - 6th June 2018

Do you know that there is a unique shadow puppet art form called Tholpavakoothu? It is believed to have originated in the 18th century AD. Thol means leather, pava means doll and koothu means play an

Scholastic Soulful Stories - 4th June 2018

Art has the role in education to help children become like themselves. And if the art is combined with stories in a fun, interactive and learning way, it helps them to bring life to the stories. Schol

Scholastic Soulful Stories Writing Conclave- 5th June 2018

Welcome to the world of stories and story writing with Scholastic Soulful Stories Writing Conclave.  5th June 2018 (Writing Conclave) - is the first day to hone their writing skills with the guid