“Was I too busy to care”- My story that changed my life

It was a cold February morning in 2015 when I received a call that changed my life. And my relationships. It made me question, “Was I too busy to care?” My father had been diagnosed with a growth

Spotlight – Prerna the yogi, the mother and the founder of MaaOfAllBlogs

Indian mothers are changing. They are burning midnight oil for social life, writing new rules for work-life balance and growing a gym in their backyard. Precisely why in the spotlight this month we ha

The best of KetchupMoms Kids Photo Contest

The last month has been an enriching experience for the KetchupMoms editorial team and for the judges of “The World Through My Lens” photo contest. We were expecting to see some creative pictures

Switch to Chakki Flour & Join Amitabh Bachchan for happiness

I shudder to think how cave mothers survived. What no play schools, shopping malls, play areas, CCTV Cameras, nannies and mobiles, like really! Motherhood is so much easier with pre-cooked meals in th

Why it is an honour being Pareen Verma’s Table Tennis Bat!

At the tender age of 10, the Indian media was using words like ‘slayer’ for Pareen. And today, at all of 17 years she has hijacked most of the walls in her parent’s home with trophies, medals, a