10 Kid-made disasters every Mother needs to know how to survive

There are things that sound either too miraculous or down right unbelievable to even try. So when my husband told my distressed maid that she should put her dripping wet cell phone in a sack of rice,

How to teach your kids to let go, not give in!

Your child is on a play date and ‘sharing’ does not seem like the acceptable theme for the evening. Before you know it, your best friend’s kid wants the Lego piece that your child is holding on

If I was a kid today, this is what I would say to my parents

I am a mom constantly trying to strike a balance between being a good mother, yes good not great, and a happy guilt-free individual. Yet I can’t stop thinking how my kids might be judging me sometim

Nirbhaya no more…

Not because I ask my office cab drivers to describe the physical assets of the last female passenger they dropped home Not because I am happy that there is an liquor shop every half a kilometre in thi

Why is one kid not enough?

When I was inexperienced about motherhood, mothers flocked to me for advice. Should I go back to work, is it too early? Should I stop breastfeeding, am I being selfish? My baby is too demanding, am I