7 reasons your child should pick up a camera today

We’re delighted to welcome Janet Pliszka, owner of Kids Photography Academy, as our guest blogger this month. As a professional family photographer and teacher of photography to kids, she’s here t

7 ways to keep Lakshmi at home forever!

Written by: Payal Priyadarshini Diwali is a festival of Mata Lakshmi. Mata Lakshmi’s name has been derived from the Sanskrit word “Lakshya” or ‘aim’. So when we leave the doors of our hous

Why I need to let my daughter experience life

It was just me and her sitting at a roadside bar, sipping some Bud and talking ‘girlie stuff’. Oh wait, did I just see ‘Bud’ in a dream where I was with my darling daughter. Hell no! What kin

10 quirky Ideas for a More Enjoyable Motherhood

As you juggle work, home and family, here are some ideas you can use to de-stress, save your sanity and have an enjoyable Motherhood. Remember that the fast food outlets you so detest, generate emplo

Are you in a sandwich relationship? Think again

The moment we mention the word “sandwich relationship”, all men would want to own this title. It looks like it is a generic term which refers to the sandwich situation that men get into, once they