Neerja Bhanot – Hers is not a fairy tale, yet it should be your kids’ favourite bedtime story

Why do we always take our daughters to a fairyland where the princess are either waiting for their Prince Charming or are being chased by wolves? I grew up reading about warrior princess Rani Lakshmib

Dear Daughter, Learn To Stand Up For Yourself!

Almost 14 years back I remember walking down the main road of Sector 35, Chandigarh with my girl gang of 4. Those of you unaware of Chandigarh, it is a prosperous town of North India, synonymous with

Why Moms need a Mom-gang, Aloe Vera and Me Time

I was worried they were too young. They looked scared, lost and really tiny. What if they are hungry and no one offers them food? What if they want to use the washroom and no one understands their urg

This Mom loves holidays and you should do

My mom never went on a holiday, not even when she was on a holiday! I remember back in the 80’s, fathers just enjoyed the company of clean, well fed and well behaved kids. Everything else was left t

Holiday hacks for parents

Winter holidays have just started here in India. So has the search for activities to keep kids engaged and happy. But believe it or not it seems that the year end has planned the activity calendar per