To involve, participate or withdraw !!

It was a different evening at the school. The entire staff and management had gathered to bid adieu to their beloved principal who had put in relentless efforts for twenty-seven long years to get the

Why do we get bored?

" It’s about an hour or so, for the sun to wind up for the day. But he did not want to stop spreading his shine until he is around. The shadows of the setting sun could be seen in the beautiful riv

The Awareness in “Experiencing”

The cattle were returning after a day’s long graze in the lush green fields. Birds were flying back to their nests and settling well. The villagers though a bit tired, tried keeping their cheer on t

The Face of Determination

Every dream of ours becomes a reality due to our determination to make it through. The firm or fixed intention to achieve a desired outcome ensures ultimate success in whatever we do. It is this “de

Smile, achieve a mile

Smile is a beautiful curve that sets the world straight. The Aesop’s Fables demonstrates this concept through a duel between the sun and the wind as to who is mightier of the two. In this narrative