10 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Start Yoga

People usually resist doing yoga because they feel that they are not flexible; yoga is slow and boring; the result is not quick and obvious; and men think that yoga is for only for women. Yoga acco

'Over eager' Parents

Parents- the word represents heavyweight connotation. It ushers us into the world of pure love and dedication wherein we want to see our ‘extensions’ bloom into ‘worthwhile’ adults-fair enough

Parenting teaches us more than what we can ever teach our kids

In the aeon of digital world, new age parents, are loaded with parenting information at every glance. As a first time mother, I was always wondering about my role as a parent: Is it just about providi

Why I need to let my daughter experience life

It was just me and her sitting at a roadside bar, sipping some Bud and talking ‘girlie stuff’. Oh wait, did I just see ‘Bud’ in a dream where I was with my darling daughter. Hell no! What kin

Neerja Bhanot – Hers is not a fairy tale, yet it should be your kids’ favourite bedtime story

Why do we always take our daughters to a fairyland where the princess are either waiting for their Prince Charming or are being chased by wolves? I grew up reading about warrior princess Rani Lakshmib