Good things that are changing the world

The world is ready to heal itself. At least I’d like to believe in this. Ending the year on a positive note can do so much for all of us. Especially for our kids. Yes, the planet choking on the mis

S#[t, my best friend is a muslim.

My childhood memories are full of innumerable trips with my god-fearing family to my god’s abodes across India. Vaishno Devi in the North to Rameshwaram in the South I have done some serious worship

I wish our kids could be carefree like us the 80’s kids again!

I wish they could walk in the neighbourhood follow a ball, make some runs play in the rain, get wet for fun sail a paper boat, fly a plane Just be carefree like us the 80’s kids again! I wish they

I hate to admit it, but I am in love with my kids’ father

They are making fathers from a different mould now. Which can be annoying sometimes given their interference with all things kids. “Brush them like this”, “It is ok, if their tummy is full”,

10 hilariously cruel coincidences that all new-parents SURVIVE!

Just when you are about to sit down, precisely at that second your kid’s leg enters your air space and whack, it lands just below your cheekbone. All this is pure innocence or a meticulously planned