How to gain your child's trust?

At KetchupMoms, we are constantly trying to find answers to questions that are crucial to our kid’s safety. So we are happy to have on board, Anushree Chhabria, a BCOM, LLB with Diploma and M A in C

10 things Moms hate to hear about their baby!

People can be insensitive, me included. But stupid, well that is another story all together. Before you agree to disagree with me, read the following statements that some parents shoot at others, all

7 ways to keep Lakshmi at home forever!

Written by: Payal Priyadarshini Diwali is a festival of Mata Lakshmi. Mata Lakshmi’s name has been derived from the Sanskrit word “Lakshya” or ‘aim’. So when we leave the doors of our hous

10 quirky Ideas for a More Enjoyable Motherhood

As you juggle work, home and family, here are some ideas you can use to de-stress, save your sanity and have an enjoyable Motherhood. Remember that the fast food outlets you so detest, generate emplo

Holiday hacks for parents

Winter holidays have just started here in India. So has the search for activities to keep kids engaged and happy. But believe it or not it seems that the year end has planned the activity calendar per