Holiday hacks for parents

Winter holidays have just started here in India. So has the search for activities to keep kids engaged and happy. But believe it or not it seems that the year end has planned the activity calendar per

7 Hacks for festive season to keep you sane

I do feel that Thanksgiving should be on 1st January with half the day dedicated to mothers. Yes it is almost the need after the most hectic aka festive season, where much of our targets are achieved

Making relationships smile with McCain!

The writer is entering a contest sponsored by Mccain.It was 5. p.m. in the evening and my daughter seemed in no hurry to jump into her shoes and slide down the stairs to her best friend’s room. They

6 ways to look sexy

Ladies , Ladies, Ladies! Actually there is only one way to look sexy and that is by being and staying wealthy, and just because you’re a mom now it doesn’t mean that this is not an option! It’s

How far will you go for your baby’s name?

Apple. Imagine you named your baby Apple and put in all that hard work that Steve Jobs and team put in. All those working hours, man power and finally that investment and then they started calling you