Detoxification as I have known for the last 60 years

Back in the Sixties, when I was a little girl, my father always blessed my siblings and me with good health. I always wanted good wealth. He insisted that I would understand the reality of his words w

Musical Potty Chairs – flush that idea

It just comes so naturally to all of us that any discussion about it gets flushed in our minds itself. The only time we really say the word is when something goes wrong “S#!t”. But enter parenthoo

Mommy, choose your workout style

Typically like it happens in 80% or more households in India, my Mom’s morning also meant doubling up as the alarm clock, cook, butler, PA, driver and pretty much everything on the cards. In a super

Why Turmeric should be in your first-aid kit

Is Turmeric really a superfood? There we were wading through the deep dense flora of Thekkady, Kerala. You know it by now how much I love to Travel. So there we were, having signed a Waiver in case of

Why you and your bum should be really thankful to Made in China

If you plan to visit China on their Lunar Year, keep off the road. Yes, the longest Traffic Jam that lasted 14 days was recorded in China. But what is interesting is that they have a ‘Made in China