Generation Tolerance - The Need Of The Hour

Once I visited my friend’s place and I felt that there was some tension in the air. When I probed, I came to know that my friend’s grandmother-in-law, who is about 87 years old is extremely upset

When Your Selfie Gets Photobombed By Your Mom

When your selfie gets photobombed by your Mom, who is also trying to capture herself amidst the beautiful forest landscape. I don't know why they say technology isolates, because clearly with parents

Are You In A Sandwich Relationship? Think Again

The moment we mention the word “sandwich relationship”, all men would want to own this title. It looks like it is a generic term which refers to the sandwich situation that men get into, once they

Spend The Summer Writing A Letter To Your Grandparents

Hope you are matching the rhythm of our Kids’ Craft with our fun kids’ activities. Now that we have enjoyed the Choo-Choo train, how about falling in love with writing?Writing is like a Dinosaur.